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Why Rhinoplasty? – Before And After Tips

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Why Rhinoplasty? – Before And After Tips

Rhinoplasty is usually referred to as the surgical procedure of getting a ‘nose job’. This procedure is quite popular nowadays as it helps you to get the desired shape of your nose. The procedure of best rhinoplasty treatment comes with the goal of providing the desired shape, functionality and appearance of your nose. The procedure is performed for both medical and aesthetic purposes. Hence, in this article, we will talk about the procedure for aesthetic purposes. When you are going to get a procedure, seeing before and after pictures can help you in deciding. But this article discusses more than that. Yes, we are discussing before and after conditions of nose surgery and results in this article. Stay here and read it till the end to get benefits.

Before Rhinoplasty

Before getting the procedure, our surgeons assist you in comprehending and understanding the procedure along with possible risks. No wonder, the procedure is safe, however, it is essential to get it done by a professional surgeon. During the prior consultation, we check your nose and its symmetry, get your medical history, know your goals, and let you know how the procedure can become a good experience for you. Also, we use 3D imaging to show you how your nose might appear after the procedure. Once you approve this appearance, then we move forward. If you would like, then we can also print those models of the nose for you. However, we do all this just to educate you and it is not the guarantee of results. Why? Because results differ from person to person.

Recovery After Rhinoplasty

You may experience some kind of discomfort after the surgery. The procedure is surgical, so mild to moderate discomfort is obvious. Well, you can control this condition by taking your prescribed medicines regularly. A splint is used to correct the shape of your nose and also you will have to bruise on your nose and face during the initial days of recovery, so it can be awkward for you. The use of a splint is required for almost 6 to 8 days after the treatment. Why? Because it will be helpful in keeping your cartilage and nasal bones safe and maintaining the shape. Also, you have to wait for a few days to involve yourself in any heavy activity, exercise, or swimming. Furthermore, you will not be able to wear glasses for about 4-5 weeks.

A small change in the shape of your nose can do wonders for you. You should find the best rhinoplasty surgery in Dubai. For this, all you need is to choose your surgeon carefully to get natural and functional results. You may schedule a consultation with us simply by contacting us. You may also leave us a message on WhatsApp. Hopefully, the before and after discussion would be helpful for you and now it is quite easy for you to make a decision.


Many expert surgeons are also working to set up the physical flaws by performing their duties. If you have a flaw in your nose that may happen due to any issue, whether it’s a genetic issue or as a result of a disease, they are working to manage your physical condition. Rhinoplasty is the trustworthy procedure to reshape your nose as per your desire. Surgeons are striving hard to make it possible for you to live a happy and satisfying life. What are you waiting for??? It’s your life and you have to make the right decisions about it. If you are losing confidence and your self-esteem due to an imbalance in your physical appearance, then it’s time to get benefits from our professional services.

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