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What You Know About the Benefits and Risks of kids Exercise?

kids exercise classes
kids exercise classes
What You Know About the Benefits and Risks of kids Exercise?

You should encourage the love of physical activity in kids. It’s never too late to let kids realize that how much exercise is important for them. Therefore, expose kids to fun activities to develop an interest in physical activities. This develops motor skills and muscles. It reduces the risk of experiencing injury due to the overuse of muscles. Kids Exercise Classes and adolescents of 6-17 years must involve themselves in at least 60 minutes of exercise. This is a guideline of the HHS department of US states. Strength training must also be of 60 minutes but only three days a week.

You might think about how kids would be able to meet that requirement? But let them expose to Kids Exercise Classes and see how this time adds up for an active child on daily basis. This will help you to choose age-appropriate activities for kids.

How Exercise Is Essential for Kids Development?

Exercise positively affects physiological and psychological aspects of the kid’s development. Exercise has a variety of beneficial effects, some of which are listed below:

  • It makes sleeping habits better.
  • This limits the risk of obesity.
  • It limited the risk of chronic diseases.
  • Great source of reducing anxiety and depression.
  • This promotes the healthy growth of muscles and bones.

The benefits of the exercise can also extend to the kid’s classroom. School districts were feeling difficulty in incorporating physical education. But now has incorporated structured mental breaks. This break ranges from 5-20 minutes which includes hiking outside or dance-off. The mental breaks help them to recharge their batteries. They stay calm and focused throughout the day. This also promotes physical activity.

Details About Kids Exercise:

The program design for kids physical activity can begin from the pre-school of age 3-5. There may be a variety of activities available to them, such as playtime at the park or in the backyard. A child ranges between 6-17 years, must be a part of enjoyable moderate to intense activity daily.  The time duration for it will be of 60 minutes. Any of the following can be used as a daily activity:

  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Biking
  • Dancing
  • Playing games

A kid should develop a routine of being a part of intense aerobic activity. Muscle-strengthening activities can be included three days per week as a bonus. Strength training is also highly beneficial for the kids. Kids of age 6 to puberty must focus on bodyweight exercises. This increases their balance and stability. They should have less focus on heavy weights or power-type movements. Bodyweight exercises for children include:

  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • Balance of a single leg in front of a mirror
  • They must learn to jump and land on two legs
  • Similarly, how to land on 1 leg after a jump

Each of these exercises must be executed in a controlled manner. The low sets can be of 1-2 and high repetitions can be of 12-20. This type of training is critical for a child’s development. Because you have to develop a stable foundation for the heavy lifting. Exercise must be challenging. But parents need to recognize in which activity kids are not having fun. Because it can be a cause of reducing the love of physical activity in them. They should participate in activities in which they are interested in and must enjoy.

Routine For Warm Up And Cool Down:

The development of a warm-up and cool-down routine is also important. This develops a behavior that promotes an active lifestyle. This routine must be followed before and after moderate and intense activity. The warm-up and cool-down must include the following elements:

  • Foam rolling
  • Static stretching
  • Dynamic movements
  • Activation exercises

The length of the ideal warm-up program can be of 15-20 minutes. So, for ease of understanding let’s discuss them.

1.    Foam Roll:

Hold the tender area for 30-35 seconds.

  • Calve
  • Hamstrings
  • Piriformis

2.    Static Stretch:

Keep these body parts stretch for 30 seconds:

  • Calves
  • Hamstrings
  • Kneeling hip flexor

3.    Dynamic Movements:

This involves 10-12 reps per movement:

  • Laps (1-2) around the gym or field
  • Swing hips (front-back, side-side)
  • Squat to calf raise
  • Lunges to single leg balance
  • Walking lunge with twist
  • Alternate leg bounding with stabilization
  • Walking lunge with overhead reach
  • High knee skipping
  • Single leg font-back hop (Right leg to left leg) with stabilization
  • Single leg font-back hop (Left leg to right leg) with stabilization
  • Ice skaters

A cooldown routine is important as a warm-up routine. This is enough of 10-15 minutes immediately after exercise. By using the sample above program, you can make the cool-down routine simple. Other stretches can be included if necessary.

The proper warm-up and cool-down are necessary for developing healthy habits. Other habits should be incorporated with it as well. These habits include nutrition and hydration considerations.

Potential Risks Of Exercise:

No one can argue on the importance of Kids Exercise Classes for kids. The other thing on which no one can argue is the side effects of overtraining. Kids who participate in sports for more than 8 months spend more time in activities per week. The research has proved this fact. This time is greater than other kids of their age spend on physical activity. They participate in multiple competitions of sports or any other physical activity. They with their activeness are at a high risk of getting injured.

How Overtraining Of Kids Can Be Avoided?

You need to make sure that kids are creative in their physical activity. It will help in fighting with overtraining. Diversify their routine specifically if they are playing sports. You should allow them to take time off for focusing on other activities.

Summing Up: Physical activity and exercise play a prominent role in the development of kids. Meridian Fitness provides a safe facility for kids for being active. Parents should involve their kids around age 3 with less playtime and structured tasks. When a kid becomes 6 years old, he has to progress towards moderate to intense activity. Kids must spend 60 minutes for exercise. At least 3 days of physical activity is highly recommended.



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