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Unique STEM CELL FUE Transplant

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The undifferentiated cell FUE transplant is an exceptionally proposed hair transplant strategy used by the surgeons. This Advanced Hair Transplant differentiates itself from the standard FUE with an indistinguishable name and there are a few more standards that make it exceptional. The Stem Cell cycle has a superior accomplishment rate since its concentration is on quality as opposed to quantity.


The robotic hair transplant also referred to as a minimally invasive hair restoration surgery, is the most recent technique for hair reestablishment. This surgery is less demanding and permits mechanized gathering utilizing a portable mechanical arm connected to the patient’s seat and an electronic gadget. Also, a similar machine is used for embedding the spared hair follicles at the beneficiary site. Consequently, the danger of human mistakes is decreased generally.

Hair Transplant Before and After

The previous and then after results of a hair transplant procedure are very uncommon. Patients get regular looking outcomes that will last forever. The reason behind the long-lasting consequences of a hair transplant is that hair follicles are taken from sparse safe regions. In this way, they don’t drop out in any case, when assaulted by Dihydrotestosterone. Generally, it takes around 3-4 months before the results become visible. However, the final results are expected at least 8 months to a year. When the hair has developed to its full length, patients can trim, trim, and style them as they wish.

Free Consultation

Is it true…you are searching for the best hair transplant clinic in Dubai? Well, if indeed that is your case, I am more than happy to assist you. But before I will offer you the details on how we can help you, allow me to give you a bit of information about our center.

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