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Top 8 Qualities of a Yoga Teacher You Should Know

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Top 8 Qualities of a Yoga Teacher You Should Know

Being a yoga teacher is a tough job. You have to be creative, active, and up to date with whatever your specialization is. However, does that make you a good teacher? To know whether a yoga teacher is perfect for you, here are some things you should be aware of. All these are qualities of a yoga teacher that highlight him or her worth having as a mentor.

So, without any delay, let’s have a brief insight into the world of yoga teachers and mentors. Knowing what to look for in a yoga teacher saves you from hiring an inadequate one. Let’s get straight into it. Read on.

Qualities of a Yoga Teacher: What You Should Look For


Whether you practice Hatha yoga or guided sleep meditation for insomnia, a teacher has to be perfect in the style you want to learn. Perfection comes with practice. Therefore, the teacher you choose should be a regular practitioner of yoga.

Moreover, the yoga teacher must be well-versed in yoga literature. Not just that, he or she should be experienced enough to teach new learners.

Expertise in Yoga

Is the yoga teacher that your chose is well-informed about his or her specialization? If yes, you are good to go with him or her. Not just that, the yoga teacher should be a master of yoga anatomy and physiology of the human body.

This is one of the best qualities of a yoga teacher since it helps the students to get the right instructions. Moreover, the yoga teacher should understand the difference in mentality and physicality of every yoga learner.

Yogic Values

Is the yoga teacher a true believer of yogic values? Or is he or she just practicing yoga to earn money? You should know that a yoga teacher is a guide for others. His or her beliefs play a major role in ensuring you believe in yogic values.

So, the yoga teacher should leave his or her ego aside and should stay humble and grounded. Hence, there should be no vanity in a yoga teacher that makes sure that he or she is up for the job.

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Love to Teach

As a beginner, you must enjoy the learning phase of your training. That is where the right yoga teacher comes into play. One of the best qualities of a yoga teacher is that he or she must inquire about the interest of students.

So, the yoga teacher should make students understand the significance of a particular yoga pose or practice. In short, the chosen yoga teacher must love teaching students. It includes clearing their doubts and confusion.

Communication Skills

How often does the yoga teacher communicate with the yoga class? What is the usual environment of the class? Do students ask questions freely or do they hesitate? Can you freely converse with the yoga teacher? All these are some of the questions that signify whether the yoga teacher is up to the task.

These indicate whether a yoga teacher is communicative or not. As a teacher, communication skills are some of the key components that cannot be ignored. Therefore, if a yoga teacher hesitates to connect in the class, you might not get the best learning experience.

Connection With Students

Do you resonate with your yoga teacher? Can you relate with whatever your teacher is orating in the class? If yes, great. However, in case you find it hard to follow what your teacher is narrating, you might need to change your teacher.

Whether you want Vinyasa yoga or Yoga Nidra training, resonating with your teacher is important. Without that, the whole purpose of practicing under the guidance of a yoga teacher fails.


Another crucial element of a yoga teacher is patience. He or she should not get irritated or frustrated with questions from students. Rather, the yoga teacher should be happy to have a lot of feedback and questioning from students.

How your teacher behaves under different scenarios is going to impact your yoga practice a lot. Therefore, a person who is patient with his or her teachings is perfect to bear the burden of new learners’ curiosity.


Does he or she care about what you think about yoga practices? If not, you could be banging the wrong door. In that case, you should change your yoga teacher. A sensitive yoga teacher helps you get over your fears and insecurities.

Hence, you feel comfortable when it comes to practicing yoga under a sensitive yoga teacher. Therefore, always choose the one who understands you.

Wrap Up

All these are just a few qualities of a yoga teacher that signify whether you are under the right guidance or not. In case you are not, you should reconsider your options. If you don’t find one, always join a certified yoga course and practice under the best yoga teachers.

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