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Tissue Paper Boxes


There are many designs of tissue boxes. The product content of this box is eco-friendly. They are recyclable and biodegradable. They come in variable thicknesses and provide the necessary protection. They may have small pieces to take the tissue out of the box. They may come with printed material to represent tissue paper boxes. They also come with the brand’s printed logo and slogan. They come in attractive shapes like heart shaped boxes, sleeve boxes, rectangles and much more. Various ornaments help to increase their attractiveness. They are printed using the latest technology with CMYK and PMS color schemes.

Custom design

We have a wide range of design options when it comes to custom made tissue boxes. Different brands have to create a good image in the market. We have designed many attractive shapes of boxes. Consumers can get any shape according to their needs and desires. We make all shapes, including rectangles, circles, pentagons and many more. We also add special features to make them more valuable. We can customize the entry in this box or create it directly with Windows. Users can ask to create a window in their desired format. We also make boxes with customized handles. We can help you customize your box according to your innovative ideas.

Excellent printing

We know the box should come with printed material. The printed material is selected based on the type of product packed inside the box. In the case of tissue packaging, we have introduced printed boxes with pictures and illustrations. You can also print them with patterns, graphics or images. We have the best technology for printing. We offer digital printing, offset printing and screen printing. We make sure that consumers are happy with the quality of printing.

The appeal is over

There is competition between different brands to make your box more attractive. We have the best finishing options to make your box beautiful and elegant. Users can choose from a number of final options. These include various coatings such as matte, glossy UV and spot UV. We also offer different types of fouling, such as gold fouling, purple fouling, silver fouling and others. You can choose any technique from embossing, PVC, raised ink, debugging, smoke-free, soft touch and engraving. These ultimate options can help attract customers’ attention.

Green things

It has been observed that packaging solutions generate a lot of waste. We have introduced the use of materials that are not harmful to the environment. We have taken special measures to keep the environment clean. We make them using craft, box board and cardboard stock. These materials are recyclable and reusable. They can play a role in keeping the ecosystem safe and clean. Visit Yalla Custom Boxes For more information.



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