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Tips To Customize Your New Dank Vape Packaging Effectively

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Tips To Customize Your New Dank Vape Packaging Effectively

Dank vapes are gaining popularity and have become one of the trendiest products being sold in the market. As vapes have become an alternative for smokers who want to quit smoking and also for those who find them fascinating and enjoy smoking vapes. Dank vapes contain THC extracts and provide vape smokers a range of flavors to enjoy. With the increasing popularity in the market of dank vapes, there is high demand and competition. 

Allure Customers By Spectacularly Customizing Your Dank Vape Packaging

You can make your dank vapes stand out by presenting them alluringly in the market. This presentation requires extra effort and attention towards the product packaging. You need to exhibit your products in new dank vape packaging that looks trendy and makes your product stand a class apart. This will make your brand get the customers’ attention. It will get recognized and recalled with exclusive packaging and unique style. 

To craft custom dank vape packaging, you need to make use of the printing techniques, color models add-ons, and finishing coats that help you create appealing and trendy designs. By doing so, your products will instantly get customers’ attention, and your products will become the talk of the town. Here is how you can go about customizing your new dank vape packaging.

Color Models To Customize Your Printed Dank Vape Packaging

When you print a custom design on the packaging of your product, don’t let it be dull and plain. Instead, use color models to brighten up your dull packaging. You can add hues and tones of your choice to emphasize on the design details. Below mentioned are the qualities of color models that you can apply to your dank vape packaging:

CMYK Color Model

CMYK means Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key (Black) colors mixed in varying ratios to form more colors. It produces vibrant prints and is generally used for colorful images. It may show color variations as it is a subtractive color model and does not ensure precision. 

PMS Color Model

Pantone Matching System or PMS is a universal color model having a standard coding system to ensure uniformity and color consistency over different devices and materials. It is used for spot colors, and there are over 1800 colors in its chart. 

Adorn Your Custom Dank Vape Packaging With Spectacular And Sensational Add-Ons

Add an exciting touch to your custom printed dank vape packaging, and don’t let it look dull. There are fantastic add-ons to give your packaging a top-notch appearance. There is a variety of inventive add-ons that bring life to your dank vape packaging, and customers would adore the customized features that make them appear unique and exceptional.  Here are the add-ons you can pick from:

Embossing & Debossing

These two techniques are the reverse of each other and add an extra dimension to the packaging details. Embossing creates a raised-up texture, while debossing creates a sunken effect in the packaging material. These create exciting touch-points for the customers and draw attention to your brand name and logo.

Spot UV

It functions as a UV coating, adding sheen to the specified area and protecting the texture from external damage. It seals the color of the packaging and protects it from moisture damage. It is also known as the raised ink technique.

Window Patching

Window patching helps customers take a sneak peek of your dank vapes while their packaging remains intact. Gain customer’s trust by letting them examine your product through a transparent sheet attached to your die-cut box.

Hot Stamping

Hot stamping or foiling can give bling to your dank vape packaging. It gives amazing effects to your packaging like metallic, glossy, holographic, and matte. Foiling on specified areas is done by applying pressure and heat.

Make Your Custom Dank Vape Packaging Look Mesmerizing With Finishing Coats

To give your packaging a smooth final finish, you can apply the finishing coats that provide a sheen look to the surface applied. You can find alluring options in finishing coats, and here is a brief overview of the options:

Matte Finish

You should opt for the matte coat to give your packaging a classy, non-shiny, solid finish.

Glossy Finish

If you want a shiny, smooth finish for your packaging that is dust resistant, you can have the glossy finish applied.

Varnish Finish

To give your packaging a smooth shine but not too glossy appearance, go for a varnish finish.

Soft Touch Finish

Give your new dank vape packaging a premium velvety look with our exclusive soft-touch finishing. 

Create The Most Impressive Dank Vape Packaging By Using Our Customizing Tips

Create an alluring and spectacular packaging for your vape products that can protect and present them effectively and promote your brand with appeal and customer satisfaction. With the custom dank vape packaging, the quality of your product will not be compromised over time, and the display will be so attractive that no one will pass by without noticing it. The exciting add-ons and finishing coats make the cbd product packaging look smooth and fine, adding to the perceived quality of the products. By considering these factors, you can make vape boxes that customers won’t resist looking at and purchasing.  Customizing your vape packaging will add value to your brand and product and make it look a class apart when a sea of competitor products are displayed on the retail shelf. 



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