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Three factors to consider before choosing a snowboard

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<strong>Three factors to consider before choosing a snowboard</strong>

Snowboarding is a popular winter game that has gained recognition in the Olympics and Paralympics. Since this sport has a lot of advantages such as improving flexibility, strengthening lower body muscles, engaging core muscles and burning calories, you can look forward to having a fantastic experience with this sport. Snowboarding and sliding down the snow-covered slopes is incomplete without snowboards. Although purchasing a snowboard online can be challenging and daunting, you have to consider a few factors and weigh out all the options. So, below are some things to consider before buying the right snowboard


  1. The length of the board: The length of the board is an essential factor to consider before searching for the right one online. It is regarded as the right length if the board reaches somewhere between your chin and nose. So, you can measure yourself and look at boards that match your measurements. Although height can also be considered, it is not a vital factor. Well, the length of the board can also depend upon your weight. For instance, two guys named James and Liam are six feet tall. But James weighs 90 kilograms, whereas Liam weighs 67 kilograms. Hence, the force transferred on the snowboards will be completely different.


As a result, James will require a wider and longer board than Liam. When it comes to freestyle riding, riders can pick boards 2 to 3 centimetres short. But if you choose an advanced model, you must look for boards that are 2 to 3 centimetres longer. If you are not confident about your purchase, you can contact the online seller to help you find the ideal length. 


  1. Technical skill level: It is crucial to pick a snowboard as per your technical skill level. But how will you determine your skill level? What are the different types of skills? Continue reading to find out.
  • Beginner level: Being at a beginner level means that you have never snowboarded before. You might be unable to sequence your turn from toe to heel but can do it from time to time. Maintaining speed can be challenging, and steeper sections of hills can intimidate you. So, as a beginner, if you are looking to develop your skills and remove all your snowboarding fears, you will require a versatile, short and soft board. Some features can include flex twin or twin tip and permissible profiles such as rocker, flat and hybrid with flat surfaces near the tail and tip. 
  • Intermediate level: Intermediate level snowboarders are in control of speed every time. So, if you are at this level, you must have started exploring bumpier hills, open glades and other ungroomed terrains. You will need a board that helps you continue the riding style you love the most. Hence, it is recommended to pick an all-mountain freestyle board that allows you to explore different types of terrain. But make sure it is short, maneuverable and soft for boxes and jibbing. Additionally, you can also look for a more robust and stiff snowboard, particularly great for big jumps. 
  • Expert or advanced level: Being an expert in snowboarding allows you to easily descend any terrain or mountain. So, you can look for snowboards, which are short, wide and maneuverable. Well, you can search for boards that will allow you to step out of your comfort zone. 


  1. Base material: The base material of the board comes in two types: sintered and extruded. If maintained and appropriately waxed, sintered bases allow you to glide on the snow swiftly. But they are exorbitant and cannot be repaired easily. On the other hand, extruded bases can be repaired easily and are completely durable. Plus, they are less costly and slower on snow than sintered base materials. 


Buying the right type of snowboard will make your snowboarding experience worthwhile. So, you can choose based on the type of riding, skills, length and base material. Furthermore, you can pick a board depending upon your comfort and preference. But make sure to be safe while riding. 




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