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Thesis Writing Guide For MBA Students

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Thesis Writing Guide For MBA Students

A thesis or dissertation is the greatest achievement of a student’s life. It reflects all the hard work they have done and their expertise in their chosen field. Similar to other disciplines, for MBA Students it is the outcome of years of studying and crossing educational milestones.

The thesis serves as the final piece that ensures the successful completion of your degree. That is precisely what makes it so important too. This is the one last chance for a student to display material they have learned and understood. At its core, a thesis must persuasively challenge an intellectual problem or circumstance. It should present the topic in a thought-provoking manner to the readers, convincing them to consider your ideas.

The analysis, in-depth research, and critical thinking needed for this task can be overwhelming for students. To make the feat easier, our experts at Assignment Master in Dubai have created a comprehensive thesis writing guide. We are sure all MBA students out there will find it most beneficial.

The Beginning

A research paper mostly starts with a question. Think about a topic or theory that interests you in your field. From what angle would you like to explore it more? Are there any gaps in the existent knowledge that you think can be filled adequately with your research?

When searching for a topic make sure it is neither too broad nor too narrow. It should be interesting enough for you as a writer so you can capture the readers’ attention. A consultation with your instructor is always necessary to clear up any confusion. Never start with a vague or half-formed idea or it will leave you frustrated midway through your study. Thesis writing is an exceedingly lengthy process therefore, you must choose the topic wisely. Go through other scholars’ and researchers’ works to determine the direction your thesis should go towards.

Research Thoroughly

The next and most important of steps is doing the research. Handle it as a complete investigation undertaken by you. There is a wide range of physical or virtual sources you can use. Books, newspapers, journals, articles, and informative websites can all be worthy research materials.

However, be cautious about the authenticity of the facts you find and include in your work. Unreliable evidence can cause great damage to your integrity as a writer. Whether you depend upon primary or secondary sources or a blend of both, check their accuracy first.

Create An Outline

Research is an expansive task that consists of finding bits and pieces of a huge jigsaw. The final picture comes into a sharper focus when you craft an outline with the collected information. An outline serves as a map or plan for your thesis. It will contain all the sections, arguments, ideas, and connections that will form your research paper.


Once your outline is complete, which is essentially a rudimentary structure of your actual paper, begin the first draft. You will be following the guidelines you have made but changes can be made at this stage too. We will elaborate a bit on the sections your thesis will contain here:

  • Introduction

This first paragraph will set a basis for your readers to understand what your work is about. It should reel them in from the first sentence. Begin with an interesting quote, fact, anecdote, or intriguing question. Let the readers know what your topic is, why is it important, what can they expect to read further. The introduction will end with a thesis statement that is the central idea or argument of your paper.

  • Literature Review

This section will refer to the works and theories that inspired your paper. You will evaluate the literature relevant to your research area and summarize its important features. How they connect to your research will also be mentioned in this part. The existent gaps will also be identified that lead you deeper into your investigation.

  • Methodology

Here you will discuss the methods used for research. Explaining your approach displays the validity of your study to the readers. Everything from collecting and analyzing the data to research tools and materials will be covered here.

  • Results

As must be apparent, the results section will show the outcomes of your research. Mention all the statistics first and then go into a detailed overview. Make sure they are clear and concise for the benefit of the reader.

  • Conclusion

The final paragraph will be summarizing all the points that have appeared in your study. Do not discuss any new ideas here but tie up the ones you have already presented. Leave your reader with a final statement that resonates long after they stop reading. Also, refer back to your thesis statement for full closure.

Editing And Formatting

Before submitting your thesis, go over everything you have done from the start. Proofreading it yourself and having a few other people do it can be very helpful. It will identify weaknesses that are easy to miss while writing. Start the editing process at least a few days later after thesis completion. This will enable you to assess it with a refreshed mind.

Even minor mistakes like grammar, spelling and structural errors can diminish the quality of your work. So, do not undermine the importance of this step. The formatting should be done exactly according to the instructions of your supervisor. Most MBA papers require an APA-style format.

It is integral to give utmost attention to correct referencing. Otherwise, your paper can attract claims of plagiarism despite your hard work. We highly recommend hiring professional assistance such as MBA thesis help In UAE. The pressures of conducting research can be extremely tiring. The writers at our service are adept at fulfilling the requirements of academic writing. With all the other responsibilities of university life, lengthy assignments can become stressful. But with reliable support, you can earn the success you deserve while managing other tasks.

We are sure this detailed guide will improve and enhance your assignment writing skills. By consistent practice, you can master the technicalities and progress in your education without trouble.  

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