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The Pros And Cons Of Large Rigid Boxes

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The Pros And Cons Of Large Rigid Boxes

The advantages of using large rigid boxes compared to other packaging solutions are numerous. Large, rigid boxes stand up to rough handling and can be stacked more compactly than any other type of package. They also offer the best protection for fragile items. 

The disadvantages of using large rigid boxes include their price per unit weight, which is higher than most paper or plastic packages. For this reason, they are often not used when shipping lightweight goods such as clothing or small appliances. 

Large, rigid boxes are also difficult to handle by hand if you’re mailing them through USPS without a mailer tube because they don’t have the same flexibility as corrugated cardboard tubes do in these situations. This means it’s important to make sure you always use a strong mailing tube. You can also attach a label if you’re shipping items such as clothing, small appliances, or other lightweight goods. 

Large rigid boxes are the best choice for large and heavy items such as textbooks as well as fragile items such as glass vases or anything made of ceramic. They offer superior protection against breakage during shipment than any other type of packaging, which is why they’re often referred to as “the ultimate in strength.” 

They provide extra space between the contents and the walls of the box and usually come with many dividers so they can be used for multiple purposes. Furthermore, they’ll protect stackable objects just as well as non-stackable ones from being damaged by screws, nails, or any other pointy objects that are inside the same box with them. 

For example, they’re often used for transporting construction materials since most items of this type are rather heavy and come in large quantities. This way, instead of using several smaller boxes, one large rigid box is enough to protect all these items from being broken or crushed during shipment. 

As they are made using rigid paperboard material, they also have incredible visual aesthetics too. That means they can be used to present your company or brand in a positive light. For example, suppose you’re selling clothing online. In that case, they are the best choice for packaging the items as opposed to plastic bags or poly mailer envelopes because their color and design will create a more professional look that your customers will appreciate. 

Because of all these advantages, large rigid boxes are often referred to as “the ultimate in strength,” so it’s no wonder why they are one of the most popular types of packaging solutions available today by Rigid Packaging Pro. They come with many different folding patterns depending on what you want to use them for, so there’s nothing stopping you from using larger boxes for multiple purposes. 

For example, if you need extra protection during shipment, pick a folding pattern that creates extra compartments inside the box. This way, you can separate your items from each other in case the outer compartments are crushed or deformed. 

Now that you have learned the pros and cons of large rigid boxes, the best way to see if they are right for you is to order a few samples and try them out. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many different types of objects you can fit inside these boxes, so whether it’s heavy textbooks or fragile ceramic vases, you’ll have a positive experience with large rigid boxes no matter what!

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