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The Outstanding Features of Chinese To Go Boxes

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The Outstanding Features of Chinese To Go Boxes

The Chinese to go boxes or the Chinese takeout boxes have gained popularity because of their unique shape which is not only eye-catching but also very practical. These boxes are being used by various food chains and eateries to package their food for takeaway. Although carrying the food items is one of the most popular uses of Chinese takeout boxes wholesale, they are also being used to package the favors and other products as well. These were once called the oyster pails because these boxes were originally used to carry the oysters. These are really spacious and easy to carry boxes suitable for a number of products.

Easy portability, spacious design, and unique structure are what make the Chinese to-go box one of the most successful packagings. Let’s explore them in detail to find out what these packagings have to offer when it comes to successful retail packaging.

The Feasible Structure of Chinese Takeout Boxes

Uniqueness is not the only attribute of the structure of these packaging. Besides being eye-catching, the Chinese go boxes offer a high degree of feasibility. They have a practical design.

The most adorable feature of this box is that you can turn them into a disposable plate. This is what makes them the king of the food packaging industry. Because of this box cum plate feature of these boxes, the customer does not have to dig the food from deep inside the box. Hence, it also makes Chinese takeout boxes very ideal for picnics because you don’t need to carry a plate when you have this box with you. You simply have to push back the glued parts of the box and it turns into a flat, disposable plate. 

The Semi Sealed Structure of Chinese Take Out Boxes

The Chinese take-out boxes are made with numerous origami flaps. These flaps nicely overlap with each other to close tightly together. This overlapping results in a box that is leakproof. Hence, it can be used to carry both solid and semi-solid food items. Some of the very common foods for which these boxes are used at the takeaway points include rice, noodles, oysters,  and other items. That is why they were previously called the oyster pails.

Moreover, the Chinese go boxes do allow some steam to escape from the top. They are hence ideal for both hot and cold food items. 

The Chinese To Go Boxes are Spacious

It is because of this spacious structure of Chinese to-go boxes that they can be used for packing a variety of items other than food items.

 They have a comparatively narrow base which starts getting broader as we move upwards. They have enough space to carry the meal for two. Besides, you can use this box to pack other items like perfumes, jewelry, sweets, chocolates, etc. They can carry a number of small items together which is why this box is also suitable to be used as favor box.

The Easy Portability of Chinese Food Packaging

Chinese to go box mostly have a handle at the top. This helps in the easy portability of this box. It adds to the convenience of carrying which is a big plus point in the structure of this box. This handle is usually made of steel but you can go for any other type of handle offered by the Chinese to go packaging, wholesale manufacturers. For example, you can opt for the rope handles as they too look very trendy and close to nature. Or else, you can even go for the cut-out handles or choose to skip the handles altogether.

Chinese Takeout Box are Environment Friendly and Food Safe

Another plus point of Chinese take out boxes is that they are very environmentally friendly. These boxes are totally free of hazardous material and are totally safe for the ecosystem. The Chinese to-go box are mostly made with cardboard or other card stock, which is totally biodegradable. These boxes can even be made with recycled material and can further be recycled or reused. And they are a great means of reducing the carbon footprints on the earth. They can help put a halt to the ever-increasing nonbiodegradable packaging waste.

Moreover, these food packaging boxes are made with such material, which is totally BPA free and hence they are ideal for packaging the food items. Chinese take-out boxes are totally food safe and they do not contain any synthetic material. Besides, they are best for retaining the freshness of the food items as these boxes are almost sealed. They do not contaminate the food to the slightest extent.



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