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The Crying Cat Meme

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The Crying Cat Meme

The “Crying Cat Meme” is one of the most popular images on the internet. The photoshopped image of a white cat in front of a computer screen is a heartbreaking image that has become a popular trend. Originally, this meme was meant to make people sad, but now, it is heartbreakingly funny. While the first version was a bit depressing, more recent versions are heartwarming and humorous.

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The original image of a crying cat was published in Germany on the image board pr0gramm, and was based on the German term “Schmuserkadser.” It quickly became popular, and soon, it was appearing everywhere. It was also spreading on social media websites like 4chan and Reddit. Today, you can find crying cats in a variety of poses, from cuddly kittens to furry cats.

While the original image was posted on a German image board, the crying cat giving a thumbs-up has become one of the most popular memes. This popular image has since spread to Reddit and Twitter. In July of 2020, the crying cat giving a thumbs up was made into a photoshop and became a viral hit. These photos are now widely available online, and they are sure to continue becoming a global phenomenon.

The original crying cat meme was created in April 2015. It was originally a photohopped version of an image of a cat giving a thumbs-up. The cat was given the title of “Schmuserkadser” in German. Within three years, it had spread to social media and other sites. Ultimately, the crybaby went viral on Reddit. However, it was only in July that the picture gained widespread popularity.

The crying cat giving a thumbs-up has become a viral meme, and has even gained a name of its own. It represents many situations, including the unexpected receipt of a paycheck in the rain or receiving a wrong delivery. The popular picture has also gained a following on Facebook and Reddit. The meme has since spread across the web. The original crying cat also has its origins in Germany. There are several versions of the cat delivering a thumbs-up.

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The first crying cat giving a thumbs-up meme first appeared in Germany on April 9th, 2015. The image was created in a photoshop and was later spread to Reddit and Twitter. The video has now surpassed ten million views and has become an iconic icon. But its popularity is not limited to cats. It has also been a popular symbol for various situations, such as an accident. In addition to a crying cat giving a thumbs-up, the image is a classic image and can be used to express a range of emotions.

While the crying cat meme may not have originated in Germany, it has been popular all over the world for several years. The first image was created in April 2015 and has spread on image boards in many countries, including Germany. The second version appeared on the subreddit r/sadcats in June of 2019. The crying cat thumbs-up meme is now one of the most popular images on the internet. This photoshop of the cat is made to represent a wide range of situations. The picture depicts a sad or unhappy situation.

The crying cat thumbs-up meme has become a popular way to convey feelings of happiness. The cat’s thumbs-up meme is an excellent symbol for any situation where you’re feeling sad and want to show your positive attitude. The thumbs-up also conveys the message of relief. It’s also a good way to express gratitude, thanksgiving, or other happy occasions. The cry-up picture is an apt choice for a wide range of situations, and it can be used to express a feeling of relief.

The crying cat thumbs-up meme is a popular way to convey a message of gratitude. It’s a great way to express relief and is appropriate for a number of situations. It can be used to acknowledge an unsatisfactory pay day or to show gratitude for a mistaken delivery. And it can even be used to symbolize hunger. Its popularity has lasted for almost three years and has continued to rise.

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