Tegaderm Tattoo Tips and Tricks to Take The Plunge

The Tegaderm tattoo healing method is unique and special

Tegaderm Tattoo Tips and Tricks to Take The Plunge
Tegaderm Tattoo Tips and Tricks to Take The Plunge

The Tegaderm tattoo was already not a fashion ten years ago and it still is not the case. It is, so, necessary to think before taking the plunge: what pattern, what place, what size, and… what budget? Yes, a tattoo is not cheap. Especially if you are targeting shops with recognized artists or even a nice size piece. Which is moreover in color. We all should consider these elements.

What is a Tegaderm tattoo?

Tegaderm is a straightforward clinical dressing made by 3M. Tegaderm dressings are used to cover and get wounds and catheter areas. The advantages of Tegaderm fuse its breath limit and consistency to the skin so much. That it continues in spots like the fingers, arms, and toes. We may likewise use Tegaderm in “mate tying” of fingers. buddy-strapping is a technique like a thumb manual therapy. It enables kept safe energetic mobility out situations. As consistent osseous broken bones displaced solid carpal bones fused vertebrae. But instead, fascial muscle handles integrated concussions. Tegaderm is simple for patients. A full scope of development is conceivable with full help given all through. Tegaderm is likewise a well-known method for securing a recently gotten tattoo. The name Tegaderm comes from the Latin prefix “Tega” signifying ‘cover’. And the Greek root “derm” signifies ‘skin’.

How to manage the after-tattoo?

Each tattoo artist has his advice and sometimes they differ according to the salons. But there is still a common base. And yes, a tattoo, big or small, disgorged, and in general, it’s not very appetizing. The principle is simple: the lymph is secreted by the body in reaction and covers the made tattoo. It is so necessary to clean the tattoo very after a few hours. Try not to put your shower head on your masterpiece, otherwise, it will hurt, prefer water that flows to clean. Never dry the tattoo with compresses, woven or not, or even put some on it to protect it for sports. Such compress will tear the scabs off the tattoo. Some tattoo artists still recommend the famous bepanthene. But they are very greasy and not very effective in a short time. Bepanthene has had its day. I used it for my first tattoos and don’t regret leaving it in the closet.

Why we should use Tegaderm?

The Tegaderm tattoo healing method is unique and special because the bandage would let the tattoo breathe if it works.


Count three weeks without swimming or seawater after the tattoo. For sport, especially if it makes you sweat a lot. Take it easy and don’t hesitate to dab your tattoo to dry it. When you leave the session, then clean it and put on some moisturizing cream. Generally speaking, we should clean the tattoo twice a day for several days. We don’t scratch the tattoo, we don’t tear off the scabs, even if it itches like never before. We protect it from the sun in summer. Avoid getting a tattoo right before summer. This very long prose hoping that these few common-sense tips will have been useful to you.


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