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Surgical suture: Let’s know about its history in details

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Surgical suture: Let’s know about its history in details

Sutures and fibrin sealant are important surgical aids for facilitating wound closure and establishing an ideal environment for wound healing. 

Sutures are commonly used to close wounds because the suture material provides the mechanical support required to sustain closure. One of the most common medical devices used by doctors during surgeries is a surgical suture. 

Suture materials helps in the reattachment of body tissues following surgery or injury. The use of a suture essentially entails the use of a needle with an attached thread.

The Surgical suture materials are all ready to offer great materials. They have higher tensile strength and are less likely to injure cutaneous circulation. Furthermore, in the event of an infection, the entire length of sutures would not have to be removed. 

Running sutures are the best choice for quick haemorrhage control or long wounds with minimal tension.Wound infections following surgery are common and can be fatal. 

Postoperative wound infections are now the most common type of hospital acquired infection (HAI) in Germany, accounting for 30% of all HAI.Around the suture material, the number of pathogens required to cause infection is much lower. 

As a result, the risk of infection via suture material is extremely high, particularly in body areas with high bacterial colonization, such as the colon with its complex intestinal flora. To close the wound, they use a needle attached to a length of thread. 

According to a recent report, it is also possible that a biological film will form around the suture, protecting the pathogens from immune defense. The suture can almost’slide’ into deeper layers of tissue, causing infection.

Suturing, in other words, refers to the process of sewing together any two surfaces on the body using a thread or wire. The thread is secured with surgical knots and is one of the most commonly used methods for sealing a cut or wound after an injury or surgery.

Suturing is also used in cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic surgeries to improve appearance. Surgical sutures also play an important role in these. Sutures are medical devices that doctors use to close wounds on the skin or tissues. 

Suturing is a critical skill that doctors of all specialties must learn and master. Orion Sutures are one of the names among the Suture manufacturer in India. Experts are open for any kind of discussions regarding medical sutures. 

It is critical to master this wound suturing and closure technique in order to:

  • Support and fortify the will until it is completely healed.
  • Reduce the number of empty spaces.
  • Reduce the possibility of bleeding and infection in the wound or cut.
  • Scarring can be reduced by bringing the edges of the skin closer together.

The outcome of the surgery is as much dependent on the sutures as it is on the actual surgery process. As a result, it is critical that the suturing techniques used by doctors be flawless and error-free. 

Suturing is one of the medical procedures with the greatest inter-surgeon variability. Suturing techniques range from running and interrupted suture combinations to multiple interrupted sutures and double running sutures.

A good suture technique would be one that closes the wound in an efficient and clean manner, leaving little or no visible scarring. Grasping the needle may be difficult due to its tendency to jump around. 

Holding it too close to the thread will cause it to point upwards, while holding it too close to the tip will cause it to point downwards, giving you the incorrect angle to work with.

However, catching the thread with your other hand and then holding the needle just behind its midpoint can help here.

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