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South Indian Wedding Event Management Services

South Indian Wedding Event Management Services
South Indian Wedding Event Management Services
South Indian Wedding Event Management
South Indian Wedding Event Management

Are you searching for south Indian wedding event management companies in Dehradun India? So, we suggest you the best famous wedding event companies near you.

What is Wedding Event Management

A wedding planner is an expert who helps with the planning, arranging, and board of a client’s wedding. Weddings are critical occasions in individuals’ lives and accordingly, couples are frequently ready to burn through a lot of cash to guarantee that their weddings are efficient.

11 Best South Indian Wedding Event Management Planners

A wedding is a rare occasion for each couple. Nothing can be more lovely than two individuals meeting up and getting tied in the blessed marriage. Indeed, such a significant event merits the most captivating set-up.

For the couples getting hitched in South India, we have an extraordinary rundown of wedding organizers who can make your fantasy wedding a reality. Leave everything at present and get to know them with us. These are the 11 best south Indian wedding event management planners in Dehradun India.


Adriyana is one of the best wedding event planners in Dehradun. Aridyana is the best professional event planner in Dehradun. It has many experiences in wedding event management services. It provides every type of service like wedding events management, Pre-wedding, Photography, Birthday events, etc. So, we recommended this company is very best for your work and you get work with the best quality.

Poonam Mayank Sharma

A solid, energetic, and confident spouse-wife pair that eats inhales, and dozes weddings! Poonam Mayank Sharma is a notable and exceptionally rumored name in the realm of wedding arranging in Bangalore. Regardless of whether you need a basic and conventional wedding or a rich and outlandish one-they can do it all most impeccably for you. Go through their Instagram record and you will go gaga for them.

Reach out

Tel no: 9845260260

Email: poonammayanksharma@gmail.com

Taarini Weddings

Taarini organizers are known for their basic and rich plans which make enduring impressions. On the off chance that you need a conventional wedding, you will observe your perfect partner organizers at Taarini Weddings. They will focus on everything previously, during, and after the wedding.

Reach out

Tel no: 9900683809

Email: contact@taariniweddings.com

My Shaadiwale

The Shaadiwale are the wizards of the wedding scene. They are situated in Bangalore however have workplaces everywhere. With regards to conscientious wedding arranging, these folks can do everything. They have an exceptional and gifted group for each part of a wedding.

Reach out

Tel No: 8884447598

Email: info@myshaadiwale.com

Divya Vithika Wedding Planner

A DDLJ style pre-wedding shoot, a fantasy white wedding, or a warm and basic wedding, Divya and Vithika will do everything to make your wedding the most lovely one. They coordinated artist Benny Dayal’s wedding too. Regardless of what your financial plan is, they will make a wonderland for you.

Reach out

Tel No: 9900 239080

Email: info@divyavithika.com

3Production Weddings

Quite possibly the most imaginative and decisive wedding organizers, Three Production Wedding will take care of every one of your necessities with the goal that you can have an ideal wedding. Alongside getting sorted out the wedding, this organization is glad to give counsel too.

Reach out

Tel No: 7204851854

Email: info@3productionweddings.com

Chrimi Events

With eccentric blackboards, restless focal points, and everything extraordinary, Chrimi Events is popular for thinking out about the crate. On the off chance that you need a beautiful wedding with bunches of fun components, you should book Chrimi Events quickly!

Reach out

Tel No: 9663947910

Email: contact@chirmievents.com


Assuming you need a fantasy wedding, Purplering is the most ideal decision for you. They get two or three needs and give them precisely that. You can request that they plan your wedding for you or you can go for fractional preparation and with their assistance, engrave your style in your wedding.

Reach out

Tel no: 98455 61124

Email: sowmya@purplerings.net

Krafted Knots

Krafted Knots was begun by two dearest companions and today, it has a solid group of numerous skilled people. Delightful shamianas, shelters, rangolis thus substantially more; they do everything.

Reach out

Tel No: 9342414948

Email: contact@kraftedknots.com

Sketch Knots

Their profile says that they put stock in ‘outlining the bunches’ and that is by and large what they do. They dominate in exotic marriages. Sketch Knots has been arranging picturesque marriages for more than 5 years. They will give you that ideal desi wedding with a tasteful touch.

Reach out

Tel No: 82172 67882

Email: letstalk@sketchknots.com

Rings and Roses

Right from their image name to their work, all that will evoke an emotional response in your heart. They gladly call themselves the first wedding organizers of Bangalore. Rings and Roses are controlled by Christopher and Rosemary Ratnam who have been hitched for north of 41 years. They comprehend the significance of wedding festivities in a couple’s life, thus they do everything they possibly can for the couples they work with.

Reach out

Tel No: 9663824415

Email: Info@ringsandroses.in

These wedding organizers are the best ones that you can get in South India. They will move heaven and earth to give you a fantasy wedding. In this way, simply partake in your wedding and leave all the other things to your organizer.

South Indian Wedding Events Management Services List

The administrations of a wedding organizer might include:

  • Interview the couple and guardians to distinguish their necessities.
  • Planning of the financial plan
  • Plan and style of the occasion
  • Exploring areas
  • Photoshoots
  • Arranging a point by point agenda (about a year ahead of time for a couple of days after the wedding)
  • Readiness of the rundown of members
  • Distinguishing proof of settings for occasions (inns, party house, function, church, sanctuaries, and so forth)
  • Distinguishing proof and contracting of wedding experts and specialist co-ops (providers, photographic artists, videographers, cosmetologists, flower vendors, desserts, buffet, drinks, and so on) and contract planning and execution.
  • Procurement of custom adornments, for example, a movement map
  • Coordination of conveyances/administrations on the big day.
  • Have a fallback in case of a fiasco.
  • Oversees programming, regularly with programming.
  • Help and plan legitimate documentation and interpretations – particularly for marriages at an exotic location
  • Occasion format demonstrating the area of the dance floor, buffet focuses, tables, seats, lounges, and so forth
  • Occasion instructions for all providers (Contact the wedding week merchants for subtleties and timetables)
  • Organizing wedding day, gathering, and pre-occasion get together development



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