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Prepare For Software Development Manager Interview

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Prepare For Software Development Manager Interview

The process of selection of a candidate for the specific post is called an interview.

When it comes to a software development interview, it requires many skills related to software development. When we say a “software development manager”, a person requires the skills of the custom software development as a whole and commanding, soft-spoken skills of a manager to manage the whole team.

Your Interview Will Move With The Following Stages:

Recruiter Screen

This is the first stage in this stage and the question will be related to your resume. Little technical questions can be asked to test your knowledge of a specific domain. An interviewer will also check your knowledge related to the custom software development company and the products or services offered by the organization. If possible, try to get knowledge about your interviewer that will help you a lot at the time of the interview.

Technical or Manager Screen

This will be the next round, and your hiring manager will test your technical knowledge and behavior. Your hiring manager also checks your leadership skills. The hiring manager might give you certain situations and ask how you will react to this situation.

The most common question asked at this stage is “how you will bring the best from your team”, be prepared with such questions. You must have a full-fleshed knowledge of custom software development, which must reflect in your technical approach.

Sometimes the hiring manager tries to get informal to take out the real you. Be realistic during the interview.


In this interview, you will have a team facing a particular issue in a specific work. You will be asked to resolve that. This is a phase of checking your practical knowledge and your approach to solve the problem. This is also a test of your behavior skills to check how soft-spoken or short temper you are.

Leadership Skills

As you are going for the role of manager, your leadership skills are also tested. As a manager, the whole teamwork is dependent on you, and at the same time. You are responsible and accountable for your team’s work.

If your team works in a better way, then you will be appreciated, and if the graph goes, you will be answerable for that. Your leadership skills might be tested by asking about your previous experience in several situations and your way of handling the situations. Prepare yourself with such questions.

Motivational skills

During this phase, the company will look for your motivation skills and how motivated and excited you are to join the company. As managers will set the scenario and culture for their teams, the interviewer will check your motivation and your skills to motivate your team to work with full efficiency.

How Can You Be An Asset To The Company?

Tell us the one situation which you are not able to tackle in your experience?

Such questions can be asked by the interviewer to be prepared for such answers.

Resolution of the problem and coding

You are becoming a software development manager, but you are a software developer at the end of the day. You must have all the skills a software developer has. If your team is stuck in the middle of any technical issue, you are the first to respond when you are the teacher, guide, and mentor to your team.

This is a time when your software development skills are tested. As a manager, you must know about custom software application development to solve the technical issues of your team.

Apart from that, If have been hired as a software development manager in an IT services provider organization. Maybe, you need support from another department like back-end development, front-end development, or automation software testing so how would you connect with your Co-staff. How do you get your job done?


Practice makes a man and a woman perfect, so practice as much as you can. If possible, then try mock interviews, and it makes you answer smoothly and comfortably. After practice, you will know which areas are your strengths and in which area you have to work more.

Better listening

The interviewer will check your listening ability when asking a question, and he will make sure that you are giving your full attention to what the interviewer is saying. After each session, you will get some time; even if you might get a lunch break at that time, think of the places where you can give better answers and try to improve that in the coming session.


Be prepared for the interview and rest assured your abilities will bring the best in you and have a bright chance of success. Be motivated and feel confident; you will achieve great heights.

Questions may vary from company to company; therefore, you are suggested to check the details of the company and the details of the recruiter if possible.

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