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Small Bedroom Cupboards: How To Maximize Space And Functionality

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Small Bedroom Cupboards: How To Maximize Space And Functionality

Small bedroom cupboards are great for storing clothes, shoes, and other items that do not take up a lot of room. They also provide a handy place to keep your grooming necessities within easy reach. Cupboards come in all sizes, shapes and configurations. Some are large and offer a lot of storage space, while others are small and designed for storing only a few items at a time.

Here Are A Few Ideas For Maximizing The Space In Your Small Bedroom Cupboards:

1. Use More Than One Shelf:

If the cupboard has one fixed shelf, add a second one above it. The two shelves will provide you with more room to store items, and the upper one can be used for displaying articles you want to make sure everyone sees.

2. Use Hooks:

Hang things on the inside of the cupboard doors. Use shoe hooks, coat hooks, paper clip holders, pencil sharpeners, and whatever other ideas come to you. You can even use empty matchbook covers as pull tabs to grab a hold of a magnetized bar that is attached to the back of the door.

3. Place Items Back-To-Back:

If your closet doesn’t have enough storage space, you can use an open wall in your bedroom or home office to place one of your closets. By doing this, you are able to store a large amount of items without the hassle of finding a large enough spot to fit them in your closet. This trick also works well if you have a small closet.

4. Replace A Cupboard Door With A Pull-Out Shelf:

If your small bedroom cupboards has doors that don’t close tightly, try using one of those pull-out shelves. These are great for storing smaller items like paper clips and pencils. You can also use them to create impromptu mini-closets by storing larger items like belts and ties on the inside of the drawer. If you use a cupboard with a hinged door, you can easily remove the door and add a pull-out shelf above the regular fixed shelf. This way, you can use the top portion of the cupboard for extra storage.

5. Use Storage Cubbies:

If your wardrobe is built into the wall, you can use the cubbies that are included as part of the construction. You can use these cubbies for storing items you use often, such as pens, notepads, extra paper clips, etc.

6. Make Sure It’s Clean:

When you first move into a new house, you might not realize how dirty the old cupboards are. After a while, however, that accumulated dirt can turn into mold, which is both unsightly and unhealthy. You can keep cupboards clean by wiping them down with a rag or towel once a week.

7. Use Drawers:

Add several drawers in your cupboards to maximize its storage capabilities. A small drawer that is made of metal can be used to store jewelry or sewing notions.

8. Add Shoe Storage:

If you have a small bedroom, adding a small shoe rack to your closet will help you keep shoes organized. On the whole, this organizational aid will also give your closet a more professional appearance.

9. Use Narrow Shelves:

You should use shelves that are narrow enough so you can reach the top ones easily. This way, you won’t have to stoop down to get items from the bottom ones. If you do this often, the shelf may become weak and break.

10. Keep It Organized:

Use color-coded labels to identify each section in your small bedroom cupboards. For example, use red labels to designate the section where you keep your paper and ink products, blue labels for the section where you keep your office supplies, green labels for the section where you keep your cooking supplies, and so on. You should also put a label on the inside of each door to indicate what’s inside.

11. Use Small Compartments:

If your small bedroom cupboards have vertical compartments, you should use the small ones. You can use these for items like paper clips, sewing notions, extra staples, etc. Make sure you label them clearly so you know exactly what each one is for. In brief, this will make it easy for you to find the items you are looking for when you need them.

12. Put Everything Back In Its Proper Place After Using It:

This tip will help you keep your cupboard in top condition. If you don’t do this, your cupboard will quickly become cluttered and untidy. Clutter attracts dust and dirt, which then leads to a musty odor. This makes your small bedroom cupboards unsightly and unhealthy. Plus, the untidiness will hinder your ability to find things easily. 


Having a small bedroom can be challenging. Whether it is because you have no space or want to maximize what little space you do have, we have put together some ideas for small bedroom cupboards that not only help to create more space in your room, but can also be used for storing things like clothes, bedding, books, etc. I hope these tips will be of help to you.

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