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Serve your Mumbai clientele with Serverwala’s affordable Mumbai VPS plans

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Serve your Mumbai clientele with Serverwala’s affordable Mumbai VPS plans

The technology you make use of with your web business serves as a backbone when it comes to your business data security, scalability, and success. One such technology that often gets overlooked is website hosting. Many times, web business owners look for the cheapest and basic options available in the industry for hosting their business websites.

However, in such cases, either they end up switching from one server to another or getting deadlocked in growing their websites. Thus, it is highly essential to put a good amount of effort in the beginning only to find the right hosting plan for your website. This will help you to advance your website in less time and, at the same time, let you save money and time in the long run. 

Since the advancement of virtualization technology, the Mumbai VPS demand is on a boom as an ideal hosting solution. The VPS hosting has brought in possibilities to gain the benefits of the dedicated server under a shared environment. In this article, you will get the details on the best VPS hosting Mumbai rendered by the leading web hosting company, Serverwala, at the most affordable rate. Dive into the sections below to grab all the insights! 

Features of Serverwala’s Mumbai VPS Plan

Unlike dedicated server hosting, the cost of the Mumbai VPS hosting service is not that high. You can find the apt VPS hosting plan for your website at the most affordable rate. Further, you can come across two major types of VPS hosting services in the web industry. They are classified on the basis of the two popular and leading operating systems running at the server’s base – Linux and Windows. Check out the features below that Serverwala provides with the Linux and Windows VPS hosting plans. 

Linux VPS Plan

The company offers four different types of packages for Linux VPS hosting. They are named Starter, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. They are customized in a way such that they can meet the needs of different types and levels of web businesses. The cost of plans starts from as cheap as $10. Moreover, you can acquire a considerable percentage of discount with the half-yearly and annual plans. Also, you get the possibility to pick the best and compatible operating system for your virtual private server among Ubuntu, Debian, and CentOS. 

Windows VPS Plan

The company offers four different types of packages for Windows VPS hosting as well. They are named Starter, Basic, Premium, and Enterprise. The cost of plans starts from as cheap as $35. Moreover, you can acquire up to 40% discount with the long-term plans. Also, you get the possibility to pick the best and compatible operating system for your virtual private server among Windows 2012, Windows 2016, and Windows 2019.  

Why Customers Trust Serverwala?

Serverwala web hosting company is among the most influential and reliable organizations all over the globe. It is highly recognized for rendering the best and cheapest Mumbai VPS hosting. The company provides robust and enterprise-grade hardware to enable its clients’ websites to have a powerful web hosting support. 

Further, it also delivers the highly compatible and super-fast network connectivity that is generated with modern and productive technologies. Thus, the company ranks higher in the list of all the leading data centers globally when it comes to ensuring maximum network efficiency. Check out below some of the significant reasons why customers opt for Serverwala’s Mumbai VPS hosting – 

24/7 Technical Assistance

With the Mumbai VPS hosting, the company guarantees to render round-the-clock technical support through certified and trained professionals. No matter whether you opt for managed or unmanaged virtual private server hosting plan, you will have the back of the company’s expert team 24/7. Further, you will be able to communicate with the team via different mediums to obtain the most accessible and instant solutions. 

Advanced Data Security

The company provides numerous standard as well as advanced features with its all Mumbai VPS hosting plans and packages. Your website data will acquire complete data security through DDoS protection, data encryption, SSL security, and many other high-level security layers. Also, your system will get to detect all the incoming spiteful security threats and provide protection layers to your data against the same. 

Simple Licencing

The company offers the feature of simple licensing at a considerable low cost along with its cheap VPS Mumbai. This feature enables you to purchase a license with just a click for your business website with utmost ease. 

99.99% Uptime Network

With the company’s best VPS Mumbai, your website will be able to acquire the maximum uptime and least downtime. The company provides redundant power and constant secure channels in order to let you obtain high-tech network flexibility. 

Benefits of Choosing VPS in Mumbai

The Mumbai VPS hosting provides a number of benefits and privileges. Some of them are –

Root Access

Your Mumbai VPS hosting provider will provide you the complete root access to your server. With the root control of your virtual private server, you will be able to run, operate, and install any applications or software as per your website’s necessities. 

High Performance

VPS hosting provides an independent and isolated hosting environment as well as dedicated resources. This enables your website to deliver optimal performance and an excellent end-user experience. 

Better SEO ranking

With the Mumbai VPS, your website will also obtain the dedicated IP address. Along with the intensified performance of your website, this will further let your website acquire the best possible SEO ranking. 

High Scalability 

The virtual private server also provides high flexibility in hosting your website. You will be able to customize as well as scale your hosting services or resources based on your web business needs. 

Final Words

With the Serverwala Mumbai VPS hosting, you can get the assurance of acquiring the business profitability in the minimum time and at the lowest investment. The company has been delivering the solutions to all concerns its clients address regarding data center services. You have the opportunity to pick the most suitable VPS hosting plan from a wide array of varied plans and packages. Moreover, you will be able to upgrade or scale up the resources of your hosting plan according to your website’s growth. Connect with the Serverwala professionals right away in order to resolve your doubt or query regarding virtual private server hosting plans and packages, if any. 

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