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Same Day Delivery: An Efficient App for Couriers

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Same Day Delivery: An Efficient App for Couriers

Lately, the number of instant gratification apps has increased with time. Customers of this era expect that from retailers as well. A recent study by Internet Retailer found that 80% of the customers wish to receive their purchases on the same day, and 61% want their orders delivered within 1-3 hours of purchasing.  Even though this puts retailers under pressure, it can positively affect them through analysis of different sectors such as demand, supply fulfillment, and delivery. 49% of shoppers say that same day delivery makes them more likely to shop online. Same day delivery apps can benefit the retailers and are convenient for the customers hence attracting more purchases when the company promises to ship on the same day.

Dispatch by PackageX

Customers’ expectations for delivery options will only rise as they have grown accustomed to same day shipping service models. The on-demand services, which have taken speed in contemporary times, require shipping services like Dispatch by PackageX, which offers the cheapest same day shipping rates and links traditional and on-demand courier services with retailers all across the country. Dispatch is for everyone, from online businesses to in-store retailers.

How Does Dispatch Help in Shipping?

It offers the most affordable shipping for small businesses. Also it assists one in creating shipping labels, shipping packages, and providing real-time tracking. Has all of the characteristics of shipment tracking software.

Dispatch by PackageX offers several features for making the delivery services convenient and fast:

Shipment tracking

Dispatch offers visibility to the customers once the package is shipped therefore providing transparency and real-time monitoring to the customers and the retailers/ senders. On-demand deliveries rely heavily on real-time delivery tracking. Managers and business owners can track their delivery personnel in real-time using a real-time tracking app. At any given time, GPS tracking of drivers allows managers or admins to know where the driver is, the status of their assignment, as well as other data such as idle and transit time, as well as inactive and transit distances.

Same Day Delivery

To enhance customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, same day shipping is a great way to ensure the instantaneous gratification of customers who order online. The user-friendly interface offered by PackageX enables business users to create a package label for a growing list of national same day shipping partners, including the most cost-effective couriers. ‘Consumers want convenience, and same day delivery is the king of delivery convenience.’

Generating Discounted Shipping Labels

Dispatch by PackageX allows you to create shipping labels for traditional carriers and verified on-demand couriers at a flat rate. E-commerce stores can save time and money by using a multi-carrier shipping software tool by using Dispatch.

Quick Address Verification

If you are fed up with packages being delivered to the wrong address, and you need to double-check a customer’s address before shipping, Dispatch is the right solution for you! With Dispatch’s free address verification tool, you can double-check a customer’s address. With our innovative mobile app, there will be no more missed deliveries.

API and Webhooks

A request-driven API (Application Programming Interface) allows two-way communication between software applications. A webhook is a simple API that enables one-way data sharing in response to events. APIs and webhooks are methods for synchronizing and sharing data between different software systems. Through Dispatch, one can get powerful APIs and Webhooks to help you speed up and improve your shipping service. You can set up custom rate codes with your preferred carriers in the dashboard, and our API will respond with custom pricing.

Who Makes Use of Dispatch by PackageX?

Dispatch is for everyone, from small businesses to large, from online stores to traditional stores. It is used both by retailers and couriers.


Local delivery couriers don’t have to look for customers for shipment deliveries when using Dispatch by PackageX. They can easily register for Dispatch to gain access to retail stores and businesses.


Retailers can use the Dispatch API to integrate, and the merchant will only be charged for the label that the customer selects. It does not charge a platform fee or a monthly subscription fee, and they don’t have to hustle to connect with dependable and on-demand couriers.

Mailroom by PackageX Used for Parcel Locker Integration

Mailroom by PackageX is an intelligent delivery solution that automates the data entry process with the help of an AI-powered app. It can read barcodes, QR codes, and handwritten notes, among other things. Smart parcel locker owners and suppliers can integrate Mailroom by PackageX into their manual systems using our modular integrations. With Mailroom by PackageX, you can turn manual parcel pick up from a locker into a fully self-serve process.


PackageX provides a pre-integrated, modular technology stack and technology-driven operational services. It enable turnkey eCommerce for brands and retailers focused on delivering a profitable customer experience. Dispatch by PackageX gets you into the eCommerce game faster than any competitor solution. From order management to payments, fulfillment, and customer service.

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