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Offline Navigators: 6 GPS Apps for Your Smartphone

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Offline Navigators: 6 GPS Apps for Your Smartphone

Google Play Market offers a wide variety of GPS apps that you can install on your Android-powered smartphone. We have selected the best ones and are ready to share them with you. By the way, all of them can work offline, so they will show you the right way even without an active Internet connection!

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However, a high-quality car rental is not all you need to get to your desired location. You need a GPS navigator as well. You can get a separate device for an additional fee, but the more popular and cheaper option is to use your smartphone as a navigator. 

Google Maps 

It’s probably the most famous service that provides easy navigation in over 220 countries worldwide. In addition, you can find information about many objects, including attractions, gas stations, hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc. 

Google Maps offers accurate GPS navigation, offline access, and convenient routes. You can also: 

  • build the best route to your destination and see the exact time of arrival; 
  • check up-to-date information on traffic events such as traffic jams, accidents, or road works ahead; 
  • read the description of the desired object on the map, see its rating and reviews. 

This application is available completely free of charge. According to users, one of the main drawbacks of Google Maps is the overloaded interface.

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MapFactor Navigator 

This is a high-quality navigator for Android that allows you to download maps to your device for later offline use. Most cities in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, and even Africa are available in the application. With MapFactor Navigator, you get: 

  • Handy travel planning tools; 
  • Voice guidance throughout the entire route; 
  • GPS geolocation and 3D visualization; 
  • Easy searching for addresses and facilities; 
  • Speed cameras alert. 

You can download this software for free, but you have to pay for the maps.


This is one of the most accurate OSM-based navigators on Android. It gives you access to most of the major capabilities without an Internet connection, while still allowing you to search for points of interest and tourist information on the map. It suits travelers and drivers alike. OsmAnd makes it possible to:

  • View a map of cities around the world without network access; 
  • Use voice navigation for driving, cycling, and walking; 
  • Build a comfortable route and see the approximate arrival time; 
  • Enable notification of accidents, road works, traffic jams, and other road events if there’s an Internet connection. 

The basic version of the program has some limitations. The first one is that you can download maps for a maximum of 7 cities. Also, the application doesn’t provide descriptions of sights. Another disadvantage is the lack of travel history.

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It’s a free offline navigator suitable for traveling to any desired destination. You can plan driving, walking, and cycling routes around the world and view the streets of any city. The program allows you to download a map to your phone and then open it offline. Maps.me is free and ad-supported. If you want to remove ads, you must purchase a paid subscription. 

Maps.me offers: 

  • Detailed maps for downloading to your phone;
  • Interesting travel routes and guides; 
  • Free updates of information and information about facilities; 
  • Offline location designation and easy search for restaurants, cafes, hotels, ATMs, and gas stations. 

The downside of Maps.me is some errors when building the route. For example, a short road might go through country roads. But all in all, it’s a worthwhile app to help you get where you want to go.

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It’s a handy utility that provides offline access to 3D maps. The app also makes it possible to receive traffic alerts and offers many smart features, including: 

  • Access to offline maps of cities around the world; 
  • Precise navigation and voice notifications; 
  • Up-to-date traffic notifications; 
  • Alerts on speed limits, road signs, and speeding cameras. 

The stylish interface allows you to quickly become familiar with the software. It has a 7-day trial that contains all the features of a paid subscription. After that, you can continue using the application, but with basic features, or purchase a Premium subscription.

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CityGuide GPS 

CityGuide GPS is a navigator that can work without network access. This is a new generation application with its own route selection algorithm. It takes into account possible traffic jams based on statistics, even without an Internet connection. 

The software contains many different maps, among which you can choose the most suitable in terms of cost, updates, or conditions of use. In the 15-day trial version, you have access to all maps. 

CityGuide GPS warns with a voice message about any important things along the route, including accidents, road works, speeding cameras, and traffic police posts. You can leave comments on the road sections to warn other drivers.

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