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Netflix is Winning the Streaming Wars

Netflix is Winning the Streaming Wars

Feeling guilty cause you binge-watched an entire show last night when you were supposed to be sleeping and had to wake up early in the morning? Well, don’t worry because you are not alone and we’ve all been there, done that. 

However, in this article, we are more interested in knowing which platform you are using and why. With the ever-increasing streaming platforms and the amount of content produced, the choices can often be overwhelming. 

Let’s start with an essential acknowledgment that TV broadcasting and cable boxes are slowly going out of style due to the surge in OTT (Over the Top) entertainment platforms. As a result, 2020 was a game-changer for this industry. 

As cinema halls gathered dust, streaming platforms penetrated our lives. Of course, there were predictions that this would happen, but the pandemic accelerated the switch. In just eight years, streaming platforms have become the most critically acclaimed video service. The pioneer of this trend is Netflix. 

Netflix: The Pioneer of Streaming

In 2013, Netflix launched House of Cards, its first original series, which consisted of six seasons. The political drama successfully achieved 56 prime-time Emmy nominations to its name. Currently, Netflix has about 6,000 titles within the U.S., adding more to the list. 40% of the titles come under “Netflix Originals” compared to 25% in February ’20. 

Data analytics have consistently observed Netflix top the market share in the U.S. by employing customer-centric strategies and keeping the audiences engaged. Netflix has the highest market share among all streaming programs despite intense competition. Sick of losing market share value and customers to Netflix, the streaming wars’ plot starts with big media companies finally directing their focus to build subscription streaming services. 

Netflix has become the in-house brand for streaming because it has positioned itself as a must-have, and if you don’t own a subscription, you are missing out big time. When iconic originals like Squid Game, Stranger Things, and Cobra Kai drop, viewers are bound to grab a bucket of popcorns and binge-watch the full show A S A P. 

On average, five of the top ten shows streaming are ‘Netflix Originals.’ These shows have shown enormous potential when it comes to grabbing the attention of millions of viewers alongside receiving critical praise and awards, acting as a brilliant ice-breaker for watercooler conversations. 

Despite losing several prime-time shows to other streamers this past year, especially treasured shows like Friends to HBO Max and The Office to Peacock, the streaming service tirelessly uprooted and upgraded content so viewers would never run out of options. 

Is Netflix Conquering Cinemas?

In contrast to its competitors, new movies and shows arrive every week. In 2021 alone, there was a total of 70 new original movies. Compared to traditional cinemas as they open up across the country, the value Netflix offers is at a whopping $9/ month as the starting price is unbelievable. 

Sure, going to the cinema has its charm, but the convenience and variety you’re getting is a deal most do not want to miss out on. And to make your experience more enjoyable, having a solid internet connection will let you stream for hours without any hassle. Check out Windstream Customer Service for excellent deals. 

Netflix has the budget in terms of content, and it is out-spending all other streaming services, garnering more than 200 million global subscribers. Reaching a global audience at the scale is a huge selling point for filmmakers, creators, and distributors looking to partner up. 

In a shareholder letter, Netflix wrote that its strategy is straightforward. If they continue to improve Netflix every day to better delight its members, they can be the first choice for free streaming entertainment. 

The Streaming War Rages

The streaming wars have become hostile due to increasing competition in the industry. However, the fundamental shift has been more existential, and viewer preferences have drastically changed. We’re certainly not getting tired of consuming good quality content and innovative technology any time soon, so bring it on! 



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