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Learn Quran online by Online Quran Academy

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Learn Quran online by Online Quran Academy

Unfortunately, there are many misconceptions about Islam spreading around the world. Islamophobia is hitting the globe with so many questions rising out. But Allah is the best planner. As many are targeting Islam and its followers but there are also those people who have the questions.

They research Islam and when they find the truth they accept Islam as their religion. This is how Allah is helping His religion to spread.  Its message is the same since its revelation- without change, without any modification.

If your mind is stuck in any misleading thoughts, then open the Quran. It answers all the queries for those who want the answers.

Learn about Islam:

If you are a Muslim or not, your mind is troubling you about the misconceptions spread about Islam. Then the first and foremost thing you must do is research about Islam.

There are hundreds of scholars to help you. Online Quran Academy is serving millions of people around the world. Allah also likes those who want to get knowledge, to get aware of His teachings.

Islam appreciates education both for males and females. Whether you belong to any part of the world online Quran center is there for you to help. The scholars at these Islamic institutions are professionals and learned who know Quran and Hadith.

They will give you the true knowledge of Islam, your reason for your existence, your mission in this world. Islam is the religion of peace that wants its followers to remain peaceful and friendly with their fellows.

Islam has peaceful rules about all humans, animals, and even plants while you are at war. If you are struggling for the reason of your existence and finding the answer then Islam can help you. You must connect with the Online Quran teacher, he will clear all your concepts about the negativity of Islam.

The true face of Islam will raise the curtain of negativity and you will regret being ignorant in life. If you want to see the true face of Islam, look for it in the Quran.

As humans are capable of error but the Quran is the revelation of Allah which is beyond any mistake. Take a close and look at the Quran. Try to learn and understand its meaning. Pray to Allah to guide you and bless you with the knowledge of Islam.

Learn about Allah

Allah is the creator of the universe. He is Almighty. The one who has all the powers. The most important thing about learning Islam is to learn about Allah.

Once you start exploring Allah, His attributes, and the closer will you be to Islam? You will know about the beauty of religion by realizing the supremacy of Allah. When you look around your surroundings you will find the magnificence of Allah’s creations everywhere.

When you learn about His mercy, His affection towards mankind, His generosity you will love your Creator. Your heart will find solace with His remembrance.  The more you study and spend your time in finding Allah, the more peace of heart you will be.

Online Quran tutors will be your mentor in struggling for your cause. There is never too late in life while being close to Allah. Work on the relationship building with Allah and you will see the positivity in your personality. Once you understand the concept of destiny about all the good and bad things that happen in your life.

Everything that happens in your life is from the will of Allah. Allah testifies His followers. If you remain patient and sublime to His will then you will find Allah very close to you. He will reward you will His blessings in this world and hereafter.

Learn about Quran

Quran is the final revelation from Allah after the four scriptures. It is the same today as 1400 years before. There is no manipulation in Quran as in other scriptures. It is true and pure. You will find all the answers to your questions in the Quran.

It has the solutions to all the problems. It describes the miracles which are coming true in this modern-day world. Science is proving all the Quran explanations and theories to be true. When you study closely all these things you will realize that Islam is the religion of humanity.

 The Creator of the universe carries all the power to control the destiny and faith of every individual. If we submerge in him, He will bless us with all the favors He promises us in the Quran. If you study the Quran, it will give you insight into how to serve the Almighty.

It shows how to earn His love and favors. The Quran will guide you on how to spend your life according to the will of Allah. It will make your concept clear about the purpose of your life. We all must pray to Allah to guide us to the right path.

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