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Kumara Parvatha: Perfect Destination for Your Weekend

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Kumara Parvatha: Perfect Destination for Your Weekend


Kumar Parvatha perched at an altitude of 1712 metres comes under one of the highest peaks of Karnataka. The trek route is moderate to difficult and requires a significant amount of physical fitness. The 20 km trail can be covered over a period of one to two days depending upon whether you want to do camping or not.

Trek route information

There are three major sections that divide the entire trail of Kumara Parvatha trek.

Base to Bhatta’s House

As you will start your journey from the base first you will be greeted by the forest of tall trees that will give you vibes of dark aesthetic. You will encounter wildlife in its natural habitats like insects, birds and many reptiles.You need to cover the distance of 5 km up to the Bhatta’s House or Battere Mane.

Bhatta’s House to Shesha Parvatha

Bhatta’s House is where you will make your pit stop and take rest for the day. You can see the viewpoint which offers a majestic view of Shesha Parvatha. You can have your meal here and also register yourself with the Forest Office in the vicinity for your summit trek ahead. After you set out from Bhatta’s House you will see the grassland and steep ascent trail offering a view of majestic ghats. It is a hike of approximately 3.5 km.

Sheesha Parvatha to Kumara Parvatha

After you reach Shesha Parvatha, you will once again be greeted by a forest section. Unlike the previous section you need to tread carefully in this part as the post monsoon season can be slippery and pose a threat. Once you get to the top enjoy the clear view of Coorg mountains and Western Ghats among the clouds.

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Reasons to visit Kumara Parvatha

Exciting start:

You will get hooked right from the beginning as the trail takes you through the tall trees and thick forest where even the sunlight cannot pass. This makes the trail mysterious and looks like right out of a novel experience.

View of western Ghats:

The trail is based on the mighty Western Ghats which takes you to the top after passing beautiful valleys, stunning views and picture-perfect sky.

Grassland Landscape:

If you plan your trek in post monsoon months then you get to witness the vast expanse of lush green grassland, no matter where you turn your head. In the winter months this grass turns golden and still offers a majestic view.

Woods after Sheesha Parvatha:

After you cross sheesha Parvatha you will enter the forest region of the trek where you will be greeted by many species of butterflies and different birds.

Nearby Attractions

Kukke Subramanya Temple:

Kukke Subramanya temple dedicated to the mythological Serpent God is a marvellous site to visit. Many pilgrims come from different parts to celebrate the deity at Kukke Subramanya Temple that makes the place lively with the spirits of the devotees.

Sringeri Mutt:

Sringeri Mutt is an exemplary architectural design with its carvings and pillars design. The temple of Sringeri Mutt is set with the surrounding of  mountains which makes this place all the more beautiful.

Biladwara Cave:

The mysterious cave of Biladwara is believed to be the hiding spot of the serpent king. You can spend your time exploring these caves.

Mallalli Waterfalls:

The 100 feet tall fall of the Mallalli is adorned with the nature’s vista in shades of green. It is located in the Coorg within the hill ranges of Pushpagiri. 

Abbimatta Falls:

Abbimatta Fall with its cascading streams of waterfall is surrounded by lush green forests, stunning valleys and beautiful coffee estates. Located in the Tharthar shettali village, is one of the tourist hotspots. 

Pushpagiri Forest Reserve:

If you are fan of wildlife and would like to capture many endangered species of birds with your lens then head to Pushpagiri Forest Reserve in the Kodagu district of Coorg.


Coorg, also known as madikeri, does not require any introduction when it comes to the tourist attractions. Some of the top attractions in the beautiful town of Coorg include Abbey falls, Raja’s Seat, Namdroling monastery and many more.

Best Time to visit

Kumara Parvatha trek is best done in the months of September to February. The weather remains pleasant in these months and you can enjoy your trek without any hindrance. The monsoon months make up for the challenging climb with its slippery trail. However, as leeches and slippery slopes are a major concern during monsoon, trekkers avoid doing this trek in the rainy season.

In summers the major concern of forest fires due to high temperature and humid climate restricts the trekkers visiting Kumara Parvatha.

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