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Jump Start Your Ph.D. During Pandemic

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Jump Start Your Ph.D. During Pandemic

A Ph.D. degree is considered one of the most prestigious and respectful certifications in educational sphere. Doctorate studies don’t only upgrade your academics but also transform you into a new person. The journey of achieving one is surely a roller coaster but the outcomes are worth it. It’s an exciting academic commitment, the epitome of adventurous research, independent thinking, and a lot of writing!

Beginning with a Ph.D. degree during “new normal” times possess a big escapade in itself. Students undergo a lot of uncertain thoughts, taking over their excitement, and turning it into a nightmare. 

“Would I be able to carry on campus research?”

“Would I be able to have word with my professor?”

“Is Pandemic going to make a major difference to my studies?”

And many other similar doubts have been cropping up in the mind of the students enrolled in the doctorate program during pandemic times. To help such students, we are going to reveal 8 great habits that will help them to get to grips with stress. 

Adapt With Prevailing Situation:

Acceptance is the first step towards succession. Accept the new normal, and try to stay positive in the situation. Pandemic is not going anywhere in the longer run. The wise decision is to stay in line with the normality, and evolve with the prevailing situation. Brace yourself to encounter the digital transition, where you’d be communicating with your instructor online. Soon, you will become accustomed to this unusual standard and eventually start enjoying the degree. 

Technological Hold Ups:

Technological hold-ups are bound to happen. 

“I cannot hear you”,

“Am I on mute?”

And several other identical expressions are going to be a part of your virtual class. This is a challenge associated with e-learning. To make sure you nail through such times, be prepared in advance. Keep internet backup with you. Just in case the internet quality drops, you can have an alternate support. 

The same goes for laptop batteries, and accessories like headphones, and webcams. It is also suggested to keep a water bottle with you during the meetings. So you do not have to miss what your professor said, even for a second. 

Take Notes:

Although online recordings are available there is no harm in being efficient with your work. It is highly advised to make notes. Since the pandemic has house arrested everyone, be mindful that you cannot frequently visit the institute. And neither you can speak to your professor every now and then. It is a great idea to write down pointers and keep them safe. In case you have some confusion or have forgotten something, you can refer to the pointers. 

Acquire Support:

As a Ph.D. student, you are constantly going to be engaged with writing tasks. And, there comes a point, when you need a break from it. You start running out of vocabulary and began to lose motivation for research. At this moment, instead of overwhelming yourself with the undone tasks, go for genuine assignment help companies. These agencies have a staff of highly qualified authors, proofreaders, and researchers, who can complete your task and hand it over to you on time. 

You can always share your concerns with them. The team is highly accommodating and can work with a style that suits you best. Treat yourself with such assistance and enjoy a mini-me-time session. 

Get Creative

Stay connected with your younger soul. 

Doctorate studies is a long-term commitment and easily exhaust you out. Be it arts, painting, singing, or cooking – plan an activity for your free time. Get creative with your skills. Never be afraid of experiments. While being committed to studies, do not kill the younger soul of yourself. At the end of the day, it’s your inner happiness that matters. 

If you have been bone-tired, plan a vacation for yourself. Do not worry about deadlines and assignments, because we have authentic essay writing help providers in the town who will take care of your homework while you unwind yourself. 

Reading – A Therapy!

While you have been continuously spending long hours fetching accurate information for your research, you might require a break. Reading can be a source of happiness. Read anything – an informative blog, your favorite novel, a poem, or whatever that takes you to unfurl yourself. 

Furthermore, writing is another type of therapy that can assist you during tough years of doctorate commitment. Pen down your thoughts, when you feel alone. And this actually works. You feel lighter, and prepared for the next day. 

Designate Your Study Table

Virtual learning sounds like attending classes from any corner of your house, be it, a couch, dining table, or even your bedroom. But working this way is going to impact outcomes poorly. 

It’s good to differentiate between your personal and professional life. Taking classes while being a couch potato will influence your focus, make you lazy, and you might even start re-thinking about your decision of being enrolled in the degree. 

It is recommended to set a study corner. Have a clean study table, with a lamp on it. Keep your laptop and other required gadgets ready to use. Minimize distractions from that specific area. As a Ph.D. student, you need to stay focused. And having a dedicated corner is going help you in the purpose. 

Get Dressed Up

Not being a Diva is okay! But roaming around in PJs the whole day will cause some bad influence on your studies. It drains out the motivation to study, and you feel lazy the whole time. 

Kickstart your day with a hot shower, a nice breakfast, and a cup of coffee. Plan your day ahead. Make a to-do list, if required. Starting your day like this will help you to get in the mindset of studying. 

Bottom Line

The studies of a doctorate is undoubtedly a long-term commitment, that requires a kick of energy and motivation to stay in line. Remind yourself, it’s okay to feel doubtful and anxious during the studies, especially when it’s a pandemic. You are not only the one going through this – there are several students having the same state of mind.  This shall too pass. You’d be wearing your graduation gown soon, holding your degree in your hand!

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