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Is It Good To Repair Your Car Yourself?

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Is It Good To Repair Your Car Yourself?

The DIY trend is all over the internet in recent times. You just need to surf through the web, devour some blog posts, sit through some videos and you are ready to make your customized t-shirts, wooden accessories, or even renovate your interiors.

However, making a custom t-shirt at your home is not even close to repairing your car all by yourself. One can do simple car fixes like changing bulbs, changing wiper blades, cleaning brake pads, etc., on the basis of basic skill sets.

But, when it comes to performing complex maintenance tasks like mounting new tires, clutch replacement, engine operations, or OBD diagnosis, you must possess the expertise of an auto mechanic and proper tools to start repairing your car.

So, before you set up your DIY car repair shop, check if you meet the essential requirements. If you change your mind, you can always search for the best car service in Perth and get your job done by a qualified mechanic.

Ask Yourself First

It is very important for you to know whether or not you are in a place to carry out your car repair all by yourself. Car machinery comes with many complexities and numerous parts, and operating on them requires proper technical knowledge and automobile expertise. Without prior knowledge of resolving an issue, performing any operation can lead to other malfunctions and prove risky.

Performing simple operations on modern ECU-driven cars is also a tough job. The minute issue that seems easily resolvable at first glance may turn out to be havoc once you get your hands dirty. So, analyze all the parameters end to end before you set out to repair your car. Time is also a factor you need to put into consideration.

Do You Have Enough Expertise?

Only going through a few online videos and technical blog posts about car repairing will not prepare you to carry out the operations on your car. You need to religiously dedicate your time and energy to learning and sharpening your skills to perform even the basics of the operations.

Cars are complex machines. Without sufficient experience, basic tasks like mounting the tires or a timing belt replacement can be difficult. It is better to evaluate yourself first before you plan to dismantle your car.

Do You Have The Required Tools?

Your knowledge is of no good if you don’t have the right set of tools and equipment to repair your car. Even basic repairs like an oil change need specialized spanners and lifts. You should also know which parts of your car to open for a particular operation to not interfere with any other parts. It is advised to take your car to a mechanic if any repair demands an expensive tool.

Along with the tools, you will need the parts you want to repair or replace. The tools are also vehicle-specific, and you need to be certain about them so you don’t end up buying the wrong set of tools. All these requirements will cost you a good amount of money, so it’s recommended you put some thought into it.

The Cost Of Time

Repairing your car yourself will cost you your time. The repair job which a qualified mechanic does in an hour may take up to three or four hours when you try your hands on the same. So, before you put your car into your self-service car workshop, ask yourself whether you have enough time to invest in repairing your car. If not, then contact an auto mechanic and get your job done.

Diagnosis Of The Issues

Identifying the issues is important even before starting with the actual repairing job. Overlooking even an oil leak can result in a disaster. Also, the risk factor involved should not ignored if you fail to diagnose the issues properly. On the other side, a professional will be able to correctly diagnose the issues and fix them.

Failing to identify the problems and still going on with fixing your car can even give rise to other malfunctions which you are completely unaware of. It may cost you your money and even put you in danger.

It is Better To Go To A Professional

Even if you are well-equipped and technically sound to repair your car yourself, it is still recommended to go to a professional for major repair tasks. For jobs like transmission repairs, fixing the suspension system, electrical repairs, repairing the car AC, etc., hiring a qualified mechanic will save you the hassle and ensure that the jobs will be done accurately.


It is good to take up the challenge of repairing your car on your own. You will add a new skill to yourself while also saving the cost of hiring a professional mechanic. Still, it is suggested to avoid major repair jobs and get those done at car service workshops. You can always go down to a car workshop in Perth to get your car fixed.

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