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Is Doing An Az 900 Certification is Worth It

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Is Doing An Az 900 Certification is Worth It

There are many reasons why you might need to take the Azure exam 900. However, if you are uncertain, the question arises whether you should go for an Azure certification, Microsoft certification, or not. This article will provide insight into this.

First of all, let us clarify what an Azure certification is and what it entails. It’s straightforward: It means that you have passed an exam that certifies that you know how to work with Microsoft Azure technology. This exam could be either AZ-100 (the Associate Certification), AZ-200 (the Professional Certification), or AZ 900 (the Architect Certification). The difference between these three exams is simply the level of expertise required to pass them – so if someone says they have a Microsoft Azure certification, you may want to know which one.

Based on the question of whether passing an Azure exam is worth it or not, we can infer that this person wants to have some facts before going for it. It shows the interest and willingness to learn – so let’s answer the question: 

Is doing an Azure certification worth it? In short: Yes! In long: IT DEPENDS!

A certification is worth it.

Azure exams are difficult according to Microsoft Cloud certification. If you want to pass an Azure exam, you need to put in a lot of hard work. Even if you are an experienced IT professional with several years of experience in Microsoft or another cloud technology, the chances are high that the az 900 Architect Certification will test your mettle. That said, there are many reasons why taking an Azure exam is worth it for Microsoft azure certification:

1. Get recognized by your peers, and your salary may rise

For most companies with a healthy work environment, recognition affects the employees’ morale and willingness to work. Therefore, the number one reason for getting a certification is not directly related to your current job but rather a means towards building career opportunities going forward.  

By getting recognized by your peers, you will stand out from the IT crowd. It is true for all azure certifications related to your domain. In addition, the higher your level of expertise is within a specific technology or set of technologies, the more likely you are to get promoted and earn a higher salary/benefits. It might be either by changing jobs or an increase in salary at your current organization. 

2. Get noticed by recruiters or new employers

Recruiters look out for certified individuals who have their skills validated by getting a certification – so if you’re looking for a job, get one. Having Azure certification says something about your knowledge and motivation to learn. Azure is one of those buzz-words that gets you noticed by recruiters even if what they are looking for is a Windows administrator. The certification is very much in demand. 

3. Get access to better job opportunities

Because the IT industry evolves so fast, new skills get outdated almost as soon as you’ve learned them. If you want to keep up with this speed but do not have the capacity, inspiration, or resources to do so on your own (e.g., free time), having azure certification training can help you get better jobs.

Certification is not worth it.

Having an Azure certification can be seen as a double-edged sword. While the benefits mentioned above are great motivators for getting certified, some points speak against doing so:

1. You might not need it – yet

If you did not specify why you wanted to know if getting  Microsoft azure certifications would be worth it, one of the possibilities was that your job required knowledge in Microsoft Azure technology. Still, you haven’t had the chance to learn about it yet or get comfortable with even basic features. If this is the case, passing AZ-100 (the Associate Certification) will most likely suffice! In addition, lowering your focus on preparing for an exam might help you keep up with your work demands.

2. It is not cheap!

Even though you can argue that az 900 and AZ-100 exams give you access to higher salaries and better opportunities, the price tag of these exams is high: at least $300 per exam with Prometric or VUE. If you find this expensive, getting a lower-level certification might be a good choice if we consider the azure certification cost.

The Wrap-up.

To sum it up, passing an az 900 certification is not a must but might make sense depending on your current job and level of expertise (you don’t need to be an expert to pass AZ-100). If you do not work for a company that requires or prefers certified IT staff or if you cannot spare the time for studying for this exam, there are other options: AZ-100 and AZ-200 certifications might be sufficient, and they’re free (you can take them as many times as you like). On the other hand, if money isn’t a problem and you want to have your skills validated by a certification, go ahead! You won’t regret it.

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