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Important Factors to pass the NAATI Gujarati Exam

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Important Factors to pass the NAATI Gujarati Exam

Before looking at the essential factors for the NAATI Gujarati Exam, we should understand the NAATI Gujarati Exam and why it is used?

NAATI Gujarati Exam

NAATI Gujarati Exam is the exam taken by candidates looking for Permanent Residence in Australia. NAATI(National Accreditation Authority for Translators and Interpreters) and CCL( The Credentialed Community Language) take the NAATI Gujarati exam, mostly the native if the Gujarati language takes the test. The candidate is awarded five marks on passing the test, used as a bonus or extra points for the Permanent Residence with the help of using Naati Gujarati material pdf. Before taking the Naati Gujarati exam, remember that passing this test will not ensure your PR in Australia. It just gives you five bonus points which help you to take PR.

Gujarati, also known as Gujarathi, is spoken in the state of Gujarat in India. Because It is close to Hindi and Punjabi and pronounced like them. It is estimated to be spoken as a first language by 45.7 million people in India, primarily in Gujarat, and worldwide by 46.6 million people. People who can understand and are experts in the Gujarati language can pass the NAATI Gujarati Exam with little effort.

NAATI Gujarati Exam syllabus and format

NAATI Gujarati exam can be taken physically from Monday to Friday. The test consists of two dialogues, both of which are based on real-life circumstances in Australian society. The goal is to test the capacity to understand and communicate in both languages. NAATI Gujarati Exam can comprise the topic of the Business, Consumer Affairs, Employment, Health, Immigration/Settlement, Legal, Community, Education, Financial, Housing, Insurance, and Social Services. A minimum of two assessors are appointed to assess the candidate’s ability to converse perfectly in LOTE and English.

The following two key factors have a role in the candidate’s evaluation:

  1. Language quality
  2. Language Register

Both examiners keep track of their results. When examiners disagree on a candidate’s performance, more examiners will analyze the test to establish the outcome. Total Marks for Each Dialogue are 45. Each dialogue must achieve a minimum of 29 points to pass. Overall, a score of 63 or better out of 90 is required to pass the test. If marks are between 58 and 62.5 (out of 90), the candidate is Marginal Fail. If a candidate’s grade is less than 58, they will be considered a clear fail (marks out of 90).

Candidates normally receive their results via email. Results are usually delivering to candidates within 4 to 6 weeks. If a candidate passes the NAATI Gujarati exam, he is awarded five Visa points. The NAATI test is valid for three years from the date of purchase. Their exam review will not be able to use clear fail outcomes.

How to Pass NAATI Gujarati Exam?

Passing the NAATI Gujarati Exam is not easy but also not a very difficult process. With the hard work of one month, one can pass it easily. A Good Grip on Gujarati vocabulary is essential in passing the NAATI Gujarati Exam. The following are some of the most important factors.


Fluency can define as speaking at a consistent rate with no awkward pauses. Don’t put your fluency on the line for the sake of translation. Use the word if you don’t know the suitable word in either language. Yes, use the word in its original form, whether English or Hindi. This way, you’ll be able to keep your fluency.


The next two most critical aspects are accuracy and completeness of interpretation. The penalties for errors in the top three categories — fluency, correctness, and completeness – are the most severe. As a result, be sure you don’t make any blunders or overlook anything vital.


Continue to practise as much as you can with as many YouTube and SBS videos as you can find. So, Make a habit of recording your practice sessions, critically analyzing them, identifying areas for growth, and avoiding making the same mistakes. Practising in a group or with a friend can also be beneficial.

Taking Notes

Instead of writing down the complete sentence, practice taking brief notes. While listening to the recording, it’s nearly impossible to write every word. As a result, the emphasis should be on putting down short forms and important phrases and relying on memory to integrate the words into a meaningful statement. Practice will help you here as well. Make your shortcuts and come up with them.

Get the facts straight

Ensure that factual features of dialogues, such as time (week, date, month, years), lists (list of documents), and body parts (right/left leg or arm, back, head) are appropriately translated. If you make a mistake here, your interpretation will be inaccurate or incomplete. As a result, make sure they’re correct.

Concentrate on Using More Powerful Language

Determine which language is your strongest suit. Make the most of this opportunity. Concentrate on reducing your blunders in the other language. If Hindi to English translation is your strong suit, make sure you make few, if any, mistakes in these sentences. Use your “conversation repeats” for your stronger language to prevent losing marks.

Generic words

Make sure you’re familiar with the most prevalent subjects. And this will ensure that you are familiar with the words used to describe a topic. Keep in mind that only roughly 30% of the words will be related to the issue. So, The rest will be common or generic words that will likely appear in practically every dialogue. Make certain you’ve got these right. It helps a lot in passing the NAATI Gujarati exam.

Lists of words

Make your word list in a spreadsheet and make frequent revisions. Every day, read at least one or two articles in your LOTE(Language other than English for example, Gujarati, Hindi or Punjabi). Similarly, Even watching movies on YouTube or SBS can assist. Keep adding new words to your word list when you come across any unusual words. If at all feasible, group them into topics. You’ll soon have a master collection of words on various themes.

Keeping in mind the above factors and regularly practising for a month will help you pass the NAATI Gujarati exam easily.

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