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Important Aspects of Employee Monitoring Software

A discussion on top 7 Employee Monitoring Software Features that matter

Taking care of your employees has been the biggest concern for many businesses during and after the Covid-19 Pandemic. The reason is that companies have been finding it critical to retain the existing employees due to the current economic condition. Moreover, the incorporation of remote employees has raised issues for the employees.

Here, we need to mention that employee satisfaction can be improved if the managers know how their team members behave, feel, and deal with the customers. If your customers are satisfied, we can easily claim that your employees also feel motivated and enthusiastic. Therefore, it is necessary to track the employees with employee monitor software. It can help the organization get success in its business adventures. So, overall, we can easily claim that the employees are the most important aspect of the organization, and the managers should not underestimate their value for organizational growth.

To make your business on a growth track, you need to look after the performance and productivity of all your employees. It becomes more important in this economic crisis when all major companies have been suffering due to the aftershocks of the pandemic. However, only a few tactics are available to keep the employees on track. Previously, the companies were using some conventional monitoring techniques. Now the situation is a bit tricky, so you need to be quick and responsive. You need to take some extraordinary steps, and implementing an employee monitor system is one of them.

Here, we need to understand how employee activity monitoring software works? Have a look!

Why do we use employee monitoring software?

Technology has changed the business concept in the whole world. Now, the companies have developed themselves to monitor the computer activities of all the employees through technology. Although the employees think that monitoring computer activities with software is just like spying and privacy breach, the companies rightly feel that the best Employee Monitor Software has a significant role in improving employees’ performance.

  • Factually, the management is right because the managers need to be focused more according to the bona fide protocols of the best EMS software. 
  • The experts think in the same way and advise the employees not to be offended because, in the end, it will be more beneficial for them.
  • Until now, we have discussed the importance of productivity monitoring software for a company. 
  • However, many business owners also need to have some information about the features that these monitoring solutions offer to the companies. 
  • So, it is necessary to find these features in a specific Employee Monitor Software before incorporating them into the organization. 
  • We will discuss these most important aspects of the employee monitoring system here:

1. Identification of the company’s needs

Factually, all monitoring solutions offer some specific features and functionalities to the users. Some of them are necessary, while others can be useless. More importantly, you can find some important features in a specific solution, but some can also be missing. Therefore, you need to be very careful while buying employee monitoring software. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that random solutions do not work for your organization. 

  • So, you need to research before buying a specific software. Even for the best free EMS software, you need to put some effort in as you cannot change the software again and again.
  • Now, you may think about how we can achieve this target. Well, you need to prepare the ground for this initiative. 
  • You must know all the realities of your workforce and the requirements of the workplace. 
  • Understanding work culture also matters a lot. With that, the permission of telecommuting should also be available to engage all the employees, whether in-house or remote workers.
  • Many companies also have field workers, marketing and sales teams, and those who need to travel. 
  • Here, you need a GPS monitoring system to track all those employees who are not available in the office. 
  • In some companies, every employee has a computer to perform tasks. So, you should choose that particular productivity monitoring software that has a website for tracking. 
  • Availability of snapshot capturing features is also a must.

Must be aware of your most productive days.

All companies have a few better days in a week or month than other days. As a manager, you must be aware of them. It helps you make these days, the criteria and identify the reasons behind these most fertile days. An employee monitoring system identifies the reasons behind these days according to all your requirements. To make some specific days or dates, you can save some extra information in these solutions or calculate the data on those specific days.

Track your employees’ browsing history.

All top employee monitor systems provide you the features to track the browsing data of all your employees. Their most-visited webpages and websites with the web page title, time to spend on these websites, and the number of visits to a specific website are also recorded to help managers examine the situation and make decisions.

2. An employee monitor system must have integrating property.

All companies have been using multiple applications to run the organization smoothly. Therefore, when you choose the best EMS software, you need to explore whether this solution can be integrated with other software or not. Some applications have this feature, but you need to make some effort to handle complex setting errands. So, choose only those monitoring tools that do not take time in developing coordination with other software.

  •  Some of the most important tools that should be integrated can be scheduling software, payment solutions, tax accounting software, and accounts payable systems.
  • Thereupon, we recommend researching before buying a specific productivity monitoring software. 
  • You can find numerous solutions in the market that possess great integral functions. 
  • This effort helps you save time and expenses that you may spend to develop alignment with other solutions.

3. An employee monitoring software must have a geofencing attribute.

Providing required freedom and comfort to work freely for the organization is always a risky task, as the managers always walk the line when they do so. The reason is that a bossy attitude can work to a limit. Therefore, the experts recommend geo-fencing instead of monitoring computer activities all the time through conventional managers. 

  • In the presence of monitoring tools, the employees have the freedom to work as independently as they can.
  •  However, they need to perform well and meet the productivity that the company expects from them. 
  • In this way, they can counter the issues related to time management and enhance their growth.
  • Geo-fencing is a process that allows an employee to log in from multiple locations. 
  • Here, the companies can use productivity monitoring software not to allow them to login from those machines that are not allocated to them or not registered with the monitoring software. 
  • It is what we call geo-fencing. 
  • For example, some employees plan to work from home but gather at a single location to work and enjoy. 
  • The software should allow them to do so. However, if any one or all of them try to log in from other places, he must not do so.

4.     Employee activity monitoring software must be mobile-compatible.

Smartphones have been a need of every individual for some years now. And we know that smartphones are not going anywhere. Therefore, every employee monitoring software must be mobile-friendly. It helps businesses foster exceptionally. Not only smartphones, but tabs are also popular among employees to use in their workplace. 

  • So, productivity monitoring software must also be compatible while using tablets.
  • The reason to provide this compatibility is to make employees available to the company when they are out of the office. 
  • It becomes essential when you track your remote employees, marketing team, and those who are moving from one place to another for office tasks. 
  • When companies find these mobile-friendly applications, their employees also remain happy because they feel freedom. 
  • With that, the companies also get benefits because they can reduce the production costs in this way. 
  • So, monitoring computer activities, whether your employees are on their laptop or smartphone, benefits both parties. 
  • However, in some cases, it can be against your business productivity, so keep an eye on it.

5.       The best Employee Monitoring Software must be user-friendly.

It is a known fact that all employees cannot be comfortable with computers and smartphones because they do not know much about technology. Out of these employees, some can be mediocre and can run only simple applications. However, there may be some individuals as well that have very little knowledge. 

  • So, you need to keep these employees in your mind while incorporating monitoring software in your organization. 
  • The best practice here is to choose only user-friendly applications that offer the simplest forms, tables, and other procedures.
  • Some may think that we are recommending to compromise with the robustness. It is not so. 
  • You should go for one of the most powerful monitoring software that can be simply handled by all employees, whether tech-savvy or not. 
  • The employee monitoring solution providers also understand this issue. Therefore, they try to keep these solutions as convenient as they can.

6.      Monitoring tools should have a solid analytical feature.

The best employee monitor system is that particular one that can analyze every aspect of monitoring. For instance, it must tell us about all important tasks, right and wrong for the organization, and the procedures and techniques to improve the situation. It should have a system that can tell you why your employees have not been achieving their targets. Here, analysis is required that an employee activity monitoring software does for you. When you get an analysis report generated by productivity monitoring software, you can make necessary changes in the procedures, teams, strategy, and business processes.

7.       Without time management, there is no monitoring software.

To push your employees professionally and assist them in managing time effectively, using productivity monitoring software is a must. Here, only a simple time-tracking software does not work, and you need a solution with an analytic approach for time management.

So, companies must buy only that particular Employee Monitor Software that can provide you with this trait. In this way, you can improve time management in the organization and keep your employees motivated.


So, these were the top aspects that you need to pick while exploring the best Employee Monitor Software for your organization. However, every organization has its own requirements to monitor computer activities, and you should also keep them in your mind. In this way, you can get what you expect according to your needs and budget.

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