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Ideas to enhance your fashion with M-65 Jackets

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Ideas to enhance your fashion with M-65 Jackets

Just like common sense, fashion sense is also important because it defines your personality. Last year’s fashion statement had been a roller coaster ride. Because we got to see the revival of some old but aesthetic fashions and M-65 field jackets are one of them. 

Historical background

Initially, these jackets came out as m41 field coats because that was the year it all began. Later on, in WWII, it was an official uniform for combats. These jackets used to have different names throughout history like M-65 jackets olive drab.

However, the very first m41 coat was designed like a civilian windbreaker that was supposed to protect you from wind and light rain. After that many field jackets were made but m65 was the popular one. It was the Alpha Industries from Knoxville, Tennessee who produced this iconic jacket. They manufactured Jackets like m-65, in a partnership with the department of defense. Since then, it did not stop upgrading. 

Some people may not find this jacket appealing or consider it as a style statement but a true fashion enthusiast knows why this style revived in 2021. Here’s another thing to be mindful of that not every style statement managed to give us flabbergasted jaw-drop moments last year. Some of them were so pathetic, made us wish that we would never see them again. But when we came across the special forces jacket, things got better. 

So, it was a little history behind your favorite (if you are a fan) m65 field jackets. Since we know a little background, it would be easier to tell you how you can enhance your fashion sense by wearing military field jackets to almost every gathering. As they say, it’s not a lot but honest work. We should dive directly into it without making a further delay. 

Different but exquisite ways to pull off the M-65 jacket! 

How to style M-65 bomber jackets?

Wearing a bomber jacket is all fun and games until you have to style it. Many people don’t know how to carry this jacket gracefully and to be honest, that makes it look not-so-appealing. It is a versatile piece of clothing that can be worn to any function. You can use it casually or formally depends on your mood. 

When it comes to M-65 inspired jackets, things might get tricky. The style evolution of this jacket has never been stopped but that revolves around color and material only. The design has not been changed much. You can wear it over a plain t-shirt. If your jacket is brown or black that will be great. Both colors would complement a plain white t-shirt. 

The good thing about the field jacket is its structure that allows you to add extra layers underneath if the temperature drops. Aside from the buttons that connect the inner to the jacket, it has spacious pockets. Some of them like the Rothco Vintage leather m65 field jacket, even have a removable hood just so you can cover your ears to protect them from harsh winds. 

Play with colors 

Don’t make just one color your style statement. Try to play with different colors. Life should be colorful, no? Yes, we know military jackets don’t have many options when it comes to color schemes. But we can surely work with what we have. For instance, olive drab, brown, black. Another good thing about a field jacket is that you can wear it over a formal shirt as well as a casual t-shirt. Oh, and over an elegant blazer too. Does it sound strange? It won’t when you try it out! 

Check out the weather 

The m65 field jacket comes in handy in every weather and never goes out of style. Well, at least not every jacket but most of them. It keeps you warm for winter fashion and makes you stylish in spring. What else do you want? No matter if it’s Sunday brunch in a cozy morning or a night out of December.

Many of you might be thinking about how these military jackets got so popular among civilians when this garment was specially designed for soldiers and US army combats. Well, here’s a little insight into that. When US soldiers returned to their homes after a war, they took their military coast and jackets with them and that’s how this apparel was introduced to the streets of the west. They used to protest wearing them. And soon after that, it became a symbol of peace and the counter culture. 

M-65 woodland camo field jackets

Here comes the most stylish and elegant field jacket. It doesn’t need to be stylized. Wear it and it will make you look great. We don’t think there can be any better military garment than a camouflage jacket. However, it might be a little awkward if you wear it to your office or in a meeting because you know why… But it can be your go-to jacket for casual evenings, hanging out with friends. You can pair it with a plain t-shirt or faded camo shirt underneath, or a blazer. It will turn much head toward you so be ready for the attention you are going to get! 

Get together with old mates!

If you have a military background and you are retired. This can be a perfect outfit to meet your old pals. Do you know why? Well, first off because they are different, and secondly, you can consider them as Vintage us military m-65 field jackets. Do you know why we use the word vintage? Because it brings so many nostalgic moments back. And for a person who spent half of his life serving in the army. His only family was his fellas and patriotism for the country. These are the things that can make any ordinary outfit, vintage. 

M-65 tactical jackets military

Tactical military jackets are those that are specially manufactured to deal with rough weather conditions. So if you have plans to go hunting, hiking, fishing. This jacket is a must-have thing. Styling a tactical jacket is so easy. Wear it over anything because nothing underneath the jacket would be visible. What about the pants? Well, you can wear it with cargo pants. Yes, jeans and plain pants are okay but to create a sporty look, you gotta wear them with cargo pants. 


War had never done anything good for anyone but it surely had introduced top-notch style. However, these jackets were not made for any fashion show or ramp walk but as we know, things change, so as the style. These M-65 jackets are no less than apparel designed by some great designers. The truth is these jackets were originally crafted for the soldiers. But with time it got famous among every generation. 

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