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How to study the bible for beginners

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How to study the bible for beginners

Looking out for ways to study the bible as a beginner? This article on how to study the bible for beginners should be of great help to you.

As a beginner, you might experience difficulty with focusing while you study. Your mind might begin to wander about, and sometimes it can be an endless interruption from your kids or friends.

Whichever way it is, studying the Bible is very important especially in our walk with God and nothing should get into the way of our connecting with God.

Without further ado, let’s get started on some tools you will need for word study.

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Bible study tools for beginners

Below are some of the tools you will need for bible study:

1. Bible: This is the most important tool for bible study, without this tool, your bible study won’t be a success.

2. Notebook: Your notebook/journal is where you write down ideas, inspirations, word or phrases, you got during the course of bible study.

3. Pens or highlighters: You will need a pen/highlighters to write down or highlight scriptures, inspirations, you got during the course of bible study.

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4. Different versions of the bible: Personally, I prefer to use the TPT version on my YouVersion bible app, because it breaks things down to the simplest form. You can use the YouVersion bible app in choosing the version of Bible you are comfortable with.

5. Concordance: This breaks down the bible in context. It shows the number of times a particular word or phrase appears in the bible with their respective bible passages

6. Bible study methods: There are several methods you can use to study the bible, you can choose to either study the bible by verse, by books, or by topics, depending on your preference.

Be sure to settle for a method you can flow with easily.

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Having said all that, let’s get started on Bible study tips for beginners.

How to study the bible for beginners

Lets look at some practical tips on how to study the bible as a beginner.

1. Your tools must be ready:

The reason for this is so that you will remain focused during word study.

For example, during the course of word study, a particular scripture ministered to you and you wanted to write it down in your notebook, only for you to discover that your pen is missing.

This would cause distraction, because you will shift attention from the bible passage you are reading to looking for the missing pen.

So coming along with every of your Bible study tool is quite important for organisation.

2. Fix a time

Every relationship requires time and commitment. If you want to study the bible consistently as a beginner, fixing a time for it is one of the best ways.

You can choose the early hours of the morning while your kids are still asleep, it can be in the afternoon, or at night. Choose your time based on what works best for you.

3. Study in a quiet place.

We are wired differently. Some people can assimilate in a noisy environment, while some can’t.

For those who can’t, I will advice you find a solitary place.

Your quiet place can be a closet in your apartment void of distraction, it can be a library, it can be a river bank. The choice is yours to decide.

4. Prayer

This is one of the most important step in studying the bible as a beginner.

Prayers should be before, during, and after bible study.

What prayer does is to break down strongholds that might have held your mind down and keep you fixated on the life in God’s word.

5. Pick a verse

Select the verse you want to focus on.

6. Meditation

Meditation is one of the best ways to get more out of scriptures, you stay still, with your eyes, and mind fixed on the word, you then connect via your spirit mind with the original intent of the word from God’s heart.

7. Bible journaling

This is one of the fun ways to study the bible as a beginner. It involves creatively drawing out scriptures.

8. Listen to your favourite gospel music

Spirit filled music lifts the soul and makes it easier for you to transcend during Bible study. You can play one on a very low volume while you study the word.

9. Join a community

This is where accountability comes in. Joining a community of people with similar interest makes it easier for you to understand the Scriptures. You get to interact with other people and also receive their perspective about a scripture of choice.

Finally, on how to study the bible for beginners, reading the bible requires a lot of effort, time, and consistency.

We hope this article on how to study the bible for beginners has been of great help to you.

God bless

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