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How to Find the Perfect Shape of a Cowboy Hat

How to Find the Perfect Fit, Shape, and Style of a Cowboy Hat
How to Find the Perfect Shape of a Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is undoubtedly the most iconic emblem of cowboy culture and Western attire. The unusually formed chapeau was initially designed to shield cowboys from the weather, but it has now grown into a fashion statement. From artists to Hollywood personalities and everyone in between are now sporting this classic cowboy emblem, even if they’re not galloping through the vast plains. While many retailers sell cowboy hats, selecting the proper size and form takes a little more effort than picking just any one of those off the shelf and placing it on your head. Remember one thing, cowboy hats, like thumbprints, are one-of-a-kind.

Factors to consider while choosing a cowboy hat

While purchasing a cowboy hat, you should keep in mind the crown shape and height, the type of material, the brim style, the event at which you’ll be wearing it, and the amount you are prepared to spend. Cowboy hats are made of various materials such as straw, leather, or fur-based felt. A sweatband is normally found on the inside of the crown, and a little ornamental hatband usually adorns the exterior. The “top” or crown of the hat and the brim (the bottom piece that runs around the hat) are the two essential components of a cowboy hat. Crowns are available in different heights and styles, whereas the brims of different hats have different widths. 

Finding the best style

Well, finding the right cowboy hat for you will depend on your face shape. People usually have oval, long, round, heart, square, or diamond-shaped faces. If you have an oval-shaped face, you must thank your lucky stars, as almost every crown and brim pairing will fit your face shape. To get the best look, you must leave the crown open and raise the brim slightly which will create a significant dip in the front.

A high crown with a sloping brim is ideal for people with round features. Using a “Canadian” or “Brick” crease, a pointed square brim with a larger dip in the front, and shallow side vents can help to balance out your face’s roundness.

If you have an elongated and narrow face, avoid hats with too high or towering crowns, as they will enhance the length of your face. The ideal option for this face type is a medium crown height and a tighter square brim. You can opt for a “Cattleman’s” crease also.

Rounded western hats, having slightly curved brims look best on square faces. Square faces should go for the “Cool Hand Luke” crease, which has shallow side vents and a gently curved brim.

Those with heart-shaped features should choose a hat with a shorter brim and opt for a “teardrop” or “Winslow” creases. They should also look for a medium to a great dip in the front. 

Hats with a “cattleman’s” crease, no dip in the front, and a more angled brim look best on a diamond-shaped face.

Choosing the material

Choose the material based on the weather you are going to wear it on. Straw works best on hot and humid summer days as it allows the air to pass through it. Felt hats are good for winter days. Another factor that determines the material is durability. If you want your cowboy hat to last long, you must choose the best material for the hat, even though it might cost you some extra bucks. Quality decides whether a hat will be tolerant to all the weather conditions. A well-made hat can last up to ten years without any change in its shape. As they are created to last longer, they are that’s why expensive. 

All about size and fit

After wearing a hat for quite some time, you may find it to leave a red mark on your forehead. It suggests that the hat is too tight for you. You may personally like to have tight-fitted headgear, but you can always go for a bigger size as you will always have the option of adding foam strips to help the hat sit perfectly on your head. Another advantage of having one size bigger hat is that it may shrink after many uses due to humidity and sweat. 

Experiment with different shapes and colors to find the right one. What may not look good with an attire may appear ravishing with another outfit. Buying a high-quality hat also allows you to get it reshaped as many times as you want. And it does not always mean that the more expensive a hat is, the smarter you will look with it on your head. Even you can look well with the cheapest of them on. So, trying them out is the best thing you can do to know what suits you the most.


No matter which hats you finally pick for yourself, daunting a cowboy hat with the right attitude is somewhat altogether a different experience



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