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How to Choose the Right Type of Packaging for Pharmaceutical Products?

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How to Choose the Right Type of Packaging for Pharmaceutical Products?

All medicine sellers know how important custom packaging is for various business objectives. The humble boxes are the first protective layer for sensitive pharmaceutical products. They are also the first physical point of contact for customers.

Choosing between numerous box materials is confusing. The process also includes settling for suitable box colors. It makes it even riskier. But the efforts are worth it when the boxes finally get their basic job done; inspire and entice customers to make more sales.

What goes well with medicine boxes?

Medicine makers are constantly at crossroads to pick the best colors for their packaging boxes. Medicines are varied in their compositions and uses. A wrong color selection can put off customers and deter the chances of elevating brand loyalty.

For this reason, (and many others that we are about to see) brands are now turning to a white box base. If you too are considering this, chances are that you might already be aware of some of the positive aspects of the color.

At the face value, white looks regal and sophisticated. Plus, it provides an effective canvas that has the ability to exude powerful hues. But these are not the only benefits of white medicine boxes, more of these are mentioned below:

They look polished

Firstly, white boxes look better than plain brown ones. If you are not for optimizing a lot of physical elements of the boxes, then white would work to stand out among the crowd. When your customers see plain Kraft boxes on the retail shelves, white medicine packaging would swiftly pop out.

Using white color proves affordable and convenient too. It looks pristine and premium. Many print-enhancing features like laminations and coatings present the white boxes in polished forms. A lot of brands are now opting for a subtle brand appeal and white offers just that.

Moreover, medicine items look functional when packaged in clean boxes. It extends a hygienic and healthy brand image; something greatly valued in the current era.

Great for visual attraction

Another factor linked with white medicine boxes is that they can create a high color contrast. Designs printed on white backgrounds are more probable of catching customers’ focus.

The color white makes all colors pop out. When you design the boxes in colorful hues and patterns, every shade comes out truer and brighter. As compared to using the colors on dark backgrounds, where the original colors change their composition to appear different.

The best aspect of white boxes is that you can use all and any colors on them. Medicine brands must have unique individual identities. These can reflect strongly on the boxes with creative illustrations. You can use reverse-printing so the texts appear in a single color. Or can go for a high-end printing routine comprising of the entire color spectrum including graphics.

custom packaging

Display superior branding

As mentioned before, clean and non-fussy box designs attract more customers as they seem high-quality. Custom packaging techniques are now more concentrated on an understated appeal.

Since the boxes can represent colors effectively, the entire box can be used for branding. Pharmaceutical brands have the option to keep the box covers simple and print branding features on the inside. Doing so makes customers feel high-end brand vibes right away!

 Versatile custom options make it easier to pick out innovative box forms and looks. Using these enables sellers to create unboxing experiences that go with their brand aesthetics.

Surprise customers on the spot

Colorful boxes are practically used by a high proportion of medicine corporations. Imagine the customer reaction when they find a spotless box residing amongst the crowd. This form of marketing gimmick is sure to prompt impulsive buying.

Moreover, when customers receive their ordered medicines in white custom printed shipping boxes, they instantly get attached to the brand image and feel more enthusiastic about the box opening process. Offbeat brand appeal is more likely to stay with customers for a longer time and dominate their shopping preferences.

Cons of using white medicine packaging

On the other hand, using white color for the boxes can also have some adverse effects. Fortunately, most of these cons can be turned around and don’t weigh on the positive aspects. Here are some issues arising with white boxes and their possible solutions.

  1. Can get messy easily

White color is prone to getting dirty. The journey they take after production to the company’s warehouse, and then through transport, exposes them to dirt. A simple dot or mark can ruin the box appeal for good.

A potential solution can be using the white color on the inner liner and keeping the box corners in their original color. This lowers the effect of scrubs and specks along the way. Alternatively, you can also opt for any dark color to print the outer box liner. It helps to hide any scuff marks and gives a pleasing brand image.

  • Might not look eco-friendly

Corrugated material is sustainable as it comes from renewable wood and is 100% recyclable. Yet, customers link such features to the natural box color; brown.

Printing the base with white gives a feeling of using harsh chemicals on the boxes and may bar customers from liking the brand for its packaging ethics. But in reality, not all white-colored boxes are bleached. However, your sales team can’t convey this to every customer.

If your customers highly demand and call for bio-degradable boxes, then one way to satisfy them can be by placing relative logos on the boxes. Numerous medicine boxes state that they are either being made by recycled paper and/or can be reused. As long as you address the customers’ apprehensions, white boxes can also make the brand seem responsible and green.

All in all, opting for white custom packaging can have multiple benefits. It is time to surprise your customers!


Printing on a white background can be of more use than you may have imagined before. The high production costs of medicines can be offset with affordable white printing on the boxes.

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