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How to Choose the Best Brand for Hair Extensions?

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How to Choose the Best Brand for Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are the type of hair worn by people who want long hair without any damage. These are available in different types, styles, and brands. 

According to reports, the global wigs market will reach about $13.3 billion by 2026.

If you are thinking about wearing them, you must spend enough time learning to choose the best ones for your use. There are many brands today, making it a challenge to choose. It is even more difficult in case you are a beginner in the field of hair extensions.

If you wish to make an informed decision today regarding extensions, consider the below factors.

Type of Hair Extension

There are two kinds of hair extensions, i.e., weft and clip-in. 


Weft extensions are attached along the length of your hair. It is done by sewing between the wefts and natural hair.


It is less permanent than the weft extensions and has a low level of damage. To use them, you must remove the clips and attach them to your hair with the help of adhesive or tape.

Brand of Extensions

You must always choose a brand that is popular and easy to use. 

Brands do not sell the extensions available at many online stores, but they tend to be the original product with specific color codes. 

If you want to know about any particular product with complete details, you must search with the brand’s name.

Quality of Extensions

Remember that only a few brands offer high-quality products. If they do not meet your needs, it will be impossible to find them under $100. 

If you search for a reputed brand, visit the official site and check out all the information provided there.

Color of Extensions

Before buying them, you must make sure that you can color them as per your choice. 

Price of Extensions

You must keep an eye on the price tag because you are not made to spend dollars over the budget.

Buying expensive extensions does not guarantee 100 percent satisfaction because even poor brands are available at prices well under $100.

If you want to buy an expensive brand, ensure that it is popular and contains reviews. You can compare the rates of different brands before purchasing the extensions.

Reporting to Customer Care

You must keep in touch with customer care while purchasing any product. 

By doing so, you can get complete information about their extensions and ask for any sort of query. 

If possible, call them before buying expensive extensions to ensure no manufacturing defect.

-If you are a first-timer, always contact a hair professional to determine your choice of extensions. 

Check for After-Sale Services

When you buy extensions, there are chances that you might face some problems. 

To ensure a purchase is worth it, look for a brand that offers after-sale services. These services include: 

-Repairing and replacing defective products 

-Changing the color or texture of an extension (for free) 

-Changing the style of an extension (for free) 

-Exchanging defective extensions for healthy ones (except if the damage is caused by mishandling or wearing out too soon) 

All these services are only possible with famous brands. But, if they come at a price, it will be worth your money.

Look for a Catalog

The online store must offer a catalog of all hair extensions they sell. 

By doing so, it will be easy for you to know the colors, styles, and textures available with them.

If an extension is not available in their catalog, it is better to look for another store.


You have to compare the prices of different brands available online before purchasing. 

Online stores offer the same products at lower rates than offline stores, but it is better to visit both offline and online stores to buy your extensions. 

Confirm the currency in which the product is available for sale by comparing the rates of different stores.

Final Words

But, it is better to read customer reviews before buying the extensions. These reviews will give you complete information about the pros and cons of each extension available in the market.

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