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How to Build your Brand Identity with Custom Boxes?

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How to Build your Brand Identity with Custom Boxes?

The beauty industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime in the near future. Why not make the most of the undying customer demand in these markets with mesmerizing custom boxes?

Even the recent pandemic and several economic slumps have not deterred the sale of beauty products. Customers are always conscious of how they look and want to put the best versions of themselves out there. Especially with the higher use of social media, people are constantly sharing their life stories with one and all.

Keeping up with customers’ ferocious appetite for skincare and beauty products, suppliers are constantly introducing new products. The industry is also one of the biggest globally with the highest influx of new businesses.

How big is the beauty industry?

The industry is currently worth $532 billion. Forbes magazine puts the annual growth rate at 5-7%. The spending power of customers defines the sales growth of this industry, and of late, has seen only an upward surge!

Women in the U.S. spend around $3,756 on their appearances in a year. But the sales of beauty items are not just limited to females anymore. Men too are very much a part of the rise in these sales numbers.

Trends in the beauty markets change by the minute. Social media has a powerful influence on how and what customers demand for themselves. Consumer polls suggest that about 80% of women think that social media is responsible for changes in beauty trends. And nearly 60% of teenagers follow beauty brands online on these social media sites.

It hence makes sense to promote your products in ways that cater to the growing demand for beauty products. A large proportion of this customer behavior is the sentiments they attach to the branded boxes. You don’t only have to up the quality of the beauty products you offer but also present them exceptionally.

How can you get started?

Many beauty brands may be well versed in what customers expect from them. But a lot of them don’t know how to get started. We bring to you some easy-to-follow steps that can take your brand recognition to new heights!

Read on…

  1. Give a revamped brand image

The first thing to do in order to get noticed is to give your brand a fresh look. If you are a new brand, then opting for unique brand displays is the key to becoming more prominent in the markets.

This constitute of:

  • The brand name and logo styled perfectly
  • Mix and match varied colors that become a signature brand image.
  • Attract attention via innovative box designs

Customers just can’t miss outstanding box appeal. Whether in-store or online, customers always want pleasantly boxed beauty products. Designing the logo and name in stylish fonts helps customers to retain the brand image for longer.

  • Think about the product requirements

Of course, the beauty products have to be supported for them to reach customers properly. This means that fragile items need stronger custom boxes, heavy products need boxes with relative thicknesses and handles, small items need small boxes, and so on.

The recent pandemic requires companies to create boxes that are bacteria-free. Corrugated material is best for this task. It also makes shipping reliable. Every beauty item needs customized units in terms of dimensions and safety. Once you have identified the basic product shipping requirements, your customers won’t complain about damaged products again!

custom boxes
  • Target the core audience

As one standard box size is inappropriate for all beauty products, similarly, not every box design can allure customers.

Box patterns, layout, shape, colors, and messages printed on the boxes form a niche brand identity. They also make the brand more attractive for certain buyers. You need to identify what your customers look for in their beauty products and depict that on the boxes.

For example, teenagers require more clear beauty products. Stating the exact uses with quirky images is bound to get their interest. Likewise, anti-aging serums and creams are targeted at an older audience and are often packaged in light-colored boxes.

Certain skincare and cosmetic brands convey that they care for the environment and community. Positive work ethics get customers excited about their purchases and let them feel they are being responsible with their choices. It proves to be a good way to attach strong customer sentiments to the brand.

  • Use the boxes for marketing

All the box designs lead to one crucial purpose; branding. Box manufacturers would guide you on how to use the boxes in your favor. Putting the brand logo and title is just part of marketing, the content also needs to be engaging and effective.

The beauty boxes convey marketing content such as:

  • The product line offered by the company.
  • Why the product is the best item for customers’ issues.
  • Use signature brand taglines
  • Use graphics to attract customers and convey brand info.

All these components cannot effectively be placed on other marketing tools. Either it would get too expensive or just won’t make an impact. The boxes are seen by customers directly and hence form a robust connection with them.

  • Create something artistic

The whole beauty packaging must be enticing and informative at the same time. One element goes missing and the overall branding effect would miss the mark.

The best way to ensure that the boxes comply with varied business tasks is to resonate with the laid-out company goals. Tick mark all the points one by one and ensure that the customers see the brand as you desire.

The above is a summary of how to get on with creating the ideal beauty custom boxes. The sky is the limit! Design the boxes so they look nothing short of exquisite but also fulfill a host of business strategies, at the same time.


You would surely notice a favorable change in sales by following our suggestions in this article.  So, don’t waste any more time and get ready to dominate your customers’ choices.

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