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How Do You Choose the Best Commercial Grade Ovens for Your Food Business?

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Are you planning to start a bakery? Do you intend to serve fluffy pastries, croissants, and delicious cakes? If yes, you might want to invest in the best commercial-grade oven for bakeries. Meanwhile, did you know that the bakery product manufacturing market in Australia is a whopping $3.7 billion industry

You need an exceptional commercial-grade oven for bakeries and other baking tools to keep up in the baking industry. And this article will help you choose the best ovens to make delicious baked goods to woo your customers. 

Choosing The Best Oven 

While choosing the best oven for your bakery can be a daunting task, don’t worry. Here are a few things to bear in mind while looking for an oven:

Type of Oven

There are many types of commercial ovens, and you need to consider which one works for you depending on what you want to cook. So take a look at various types below:

  • Electric Ovens: These work on electricity and are perfect for baking crunchy items. It cooks food fast and at high temperatures.
  • Convection Ovens: These are standard ovens with fans to circulate air evenly. It is a high-speed oven and bakes your goodies evenly.
  • Conveyor Ovens: It is a super-fast baking oven that uses radiant or infrared heat and forced air circulation. 
  • Gas Ovens: These low heat emission ovens help you bake cakes and bread, and they focus on making your baked goods spongy and juicy. 


You need to consider the capacity of the oven you want, and you need an oven with several trays and decks to run large-scale operations. Additionally, you need to consider the size of the oven, and this will depend on the space available, the number of customers, and the type of food you want to bake. 

Energy Efficiency 

If you wish to save money on energy bills, look for commercial ovens that are energy efficient. And when purchasing commercial ovens, you might look for the energy star classification, as these ovens consume 20-30 per cent less energy compared to others. 


When buying a commercial-grade oven for bakeries, cafes, and lounges, quality should be your top priority. So try to find stainless steel ovens of the correct type. 

Moreover, the ovens should be durable and easy to maintain, and it should take a minimum time to pre-heat. Also, it should be of a brand that provides you excellent after-sales service. 

Tools You Should Own as a Baker

Here are some tools you should have as a baker:

  • Baker’s table 
  • High-quality ingredients 
  • Commercial mixers
  • Dough sheeters and dividers 
  • Proofing cabinets 
  • Refrigerator
  • Display cases 
  • Bread slicers 

Having a high-quality, durable, and the right commercial oven is vital when starting your bakery. But before diving into the purchase, you need to know the type of oven, capacity, energy efficiency, and quality. Moreover, you must ensure you have other tools like bakery display cases, bread slicers, commercial mixers, and related equipment. These are equipment that is essential to run your bakery business successfully. 

Additionally, it’s essential to maintain your equipment when you start your bakery business. So, consider after-sales services and maintenance when buying your oven and other equipment. 

The tips in this article will help you choose your oven and provide you with a gist of the tools you need. So, read through and get started with your bakery today!

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