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Here’s How Voice Actor Brittany Dixon is Making Waves with her Content

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Here’s How Voice Actor Brittany Dixon is Making Waves with her Content

If you know Brittany Dixon, you are familiar with the rising-star Voiceover Artist and TV host. She is also a fitness enthusiast, YouTuber, Instagram Influencer, and health advocate. Her content is making some big waves in the online wellness and voice-over world. If you haven’t checked out her Insta profile and YouTube Channel, you should check it out. Brittany is an inspiration for beginner VO talent. She gives helpful tips for new VO artist on her Instagram, while her YouTube channel is currently focused on fitness, nutrition, and travel. 

Today we will be going in-depth about her content, so you can get to know her better. We will be discussing how her content benefits you and how you can make the best of her tips and advice. If you are a VO in training, a fitness enthusiast, or even someone who wants some good tips on nutrition health, her content will benefit you. We don’t want to keep you waiting, so let’s get into this article about how Brittany Dixon makes waves with her content.

Voice Over Content

Brittany Dixon is a rising voice-over artist with some humble beginnings. On her Instagram, she shared her VO journey in one of her videos. Her VO content can be seen on her Instagram @brittanyd_vo where the content is mainly her VO tips, demos, and published work. Brittany has shares how she built her home sound booth with moving blankets, the recording equipment she uses, and the audio editing software to clean up her auditions.  Some of the many cool tips range from how to start a VO career to breaking down your script copy. She also shares personal stories of her VO journey. Getting work as a VO artist can be difficult in the beginning, Brittany shares the many ways how she found VO gigs and started getting booked. Additionally, she shared that she works with an agency to get bigger auditions with major brands, animations, and video games, all of which you can check out on her Instagram profile. Along with having an agent, Brittany is contracted with iHeartRadio for her Voiceover services.

On her other Instagram profile, @iambrittanydixon, you can find Brittany’s daily life, wellness tips, and modeling content. She works out regularly to stay in shape, not only for her health, but Brittany is also a fit model booking commercials and infomercials. If Brittany didn’t have enough going on already, she’s added actress and TV host to her resume. Paving her way hosting her self-produced show “Finding Fit” which aired in the Caribbean market in 2019, and now on the talent roster for Home Shopping Network as their On-Air Guest Expert for Fitness. Working in the entertainment industry was always a dream of hers. Brittany continues to make strides in her line of work and building her brand through social media. Although her voiceover profile is new and growing, Brittany’s main IG account has a whopping 14.5k followers. There can watch her travel adventures jet-setting to some of the most beautiful beaches around the world, good times with her dog Leo and sharing Halloween pics. This year Brittany dressed up as the mythical creature Medusa.

Fitness Enthusiast Content

Fitness is a lifestyle for Brittany, she shares the many ways she keeps in body in shape. On her self-titled YouTube channel “Brittany Dixon”, you can see over 40 videos of fitness content. She shares regular workout routines, inspired exercises, and a series dedicated to running tips. If you’re looking to begin a workout program, her YouTube channel is a great way to start. As she shares multiple types of exercise, form HIIT, yoga, mat Pilates and quick 15 min workouts. Brittany teaches her powerful and effective moves to leave you sweating and wanting more. You can slim down and tone your body without the intimidation.  Brittany’s workouts are easy to follow and can be modified to suit any fitness level. 

As a personal trainer, Brittany knows her audience well.  Her workouts are catered to target the female demographic and their fitness goals.  Their top requested exercises videos are focused on, you guessed it…Butt and Abs. Brittany has created several routines spot training the glutes, abs, and legs, that are effective and can be performed at home with little to no equipment.  However, she also shares fitness videos on working with small equipment like resistance bands, exercise balls, chairs, and occasionally dumbbells. Head over to Brittany’s YouTube channel if you are a beginner or looking to spice up your workouts.

Food Nutrition Content

Eating healthy was never a problem for Brittany, growing up her diet is much like what it is today. Plant-Based. Many people believe she is vegan, but although she enjoys vegan food, Brittany is not vegan. Her diet consistent mainly of unprocessed foods like, kale, oats, carrots and many other whole foods. Cutting her meat, cheese, dairy and eggs consumption down to once a month or as longer was simple, as she knows these foods can lead to digestive issues and unhealthy conditions.  But Brittany knows, eating healthy is not so easy for others. She regularly shares her favorite vegan and vegetarian recipes on her YouTube channel along with kid-friendly snacks. Her audience enjoys watching Brittany in the kitchen, she gives nutrition tips along the way and makes messy mistakes, something we can all relate too. A day in her kitchen is never boring, always something to discover rather a new recipe or kitchen appliance. We have never tasted her meals, but what she makes looks tasty, and suitable from many diet preferences. Needing some healthy dish ideas? Check out her latest video where she shows you how to make fresh salsa.

Adventure Vlogging Content

Brittany is also an adventure lover. If you want to have an adventure on your screen, you must check out her YouTube travel vlogs. She captured her first skydiving experience at the Miami Skydiving Center, it  was awesome! Her 6 hours in Bimini Bahamas were so relaxing. Watching her snorkel in the open waters in Key West was beautiful, we saw so many colorful fish swimming by. We look forward to more travel and adventure content so we can see the world through Brittany’s eyes. Although we love to see Brittany travel, we can’t help but to check out her beach body! Wow! Brittany is also a bikini and fitness model. She’s modeled for bikini calendars, surfing companies, commercials and infomercials.  Plus, a social media influencer, Brittany has collabed with business in swim wear, athletic wear, tech wear, and energy bars. 

Every know and then when Brittany shares a video her dog, Leo makes a cameo appearance. He has a dedicated Insta profile “@leolivingitup” for all you dog overs out there. She shares the daily happy activities of her dog. Regarding the name of the profile “Leo living it up”… that dog is really living it up! Leo travels quite a bite with Brittany, he probably has more frequent flyer miles than most people. Very obvious Brittany loves her fur-baby, I’m sure all you Dog Mom’s and Dad’s can relate.

 I hope you enjoyed this article. Do like and share it with your friends so they can benefit from Brittany’s content as well.

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