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8 Best Gluten-Free Indian Restaurants in America

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8 Best Gluten-Free Indian Restaurants in America

The North American diet is heavily influenced by fast food and processed foods. The lack of healthy, ethnic cuisine in the States has led to a rise in gluten-free and vegetarian restaurants popping up nationwide.

Here are 08 fabulous Indian restaurants that serve some of the best gluten-free options for people on a vegan or vegetarian diet!

There are many vegetarian restaurants in America. But what about gluten-free?

Gluten-Free Indian restaurants seem to be very rare, but there are 08 fabulous places that you should check out!

They all have unique menus and different styles of food, so no matter your taste or dietary needs, you will indeed find something delicious.

You can even take a peek at the pictures to see for yourself how tasty they are!

1. Pondicheri Gluten-Free Restaurant

For a delicious gluten-free Indian meal, head to Pondicheri in New York City.

They serve breakfast and lunch, but they also have a bakery open until about two o’clock in the afternoon, where you can purchase their excellent baked goods!

All of their dishes are made with organic ingredients when possible, so it’s not only good for your taste buds but great for your body too!

If you can’t make it there during regular hours or don’t live nearby enough to go every day (which we wouldn’t blame you if you did), take a look at this incredible cookbook by their founders: Breakfast Lunch Dinner.

There are over 150 recipes inside, and everything is well-explained in easy steps.

You’ll even find pictures of each meal on the page, so you know exactly what to look forward to!

If Pondicheri isn’t close enough for your liking and a cookbook doesn’t sound like enough all by itself, head down south instead.

2. Lumbini

Lumbini in Texas is an incredible restaurant that has been featured in many magazines, including Bon Appetite Magazine.

If their food can impress editors from such prestigious sources as these, it’s good enough for people around town too!

They have even won awards because of their commitment to fresh ingredients and tasty dishes served up with hospitality.

The only downside about this place? It looks much smaller when you drive past than inside since they expanded recently due to popular demand – be sure to make a reservation before going!

Don’t worry if you’re on the go and still haven’t had lunch yet.

3. The Laughing Seed Cafe

The Laughing Seed Cafe in Asheville has got you covered. They have amazing sandwiches made with bread from local sources, so not only do they taste great, but your conscience will feel good too, knowing that no animals were harmed in the making of your meal.

The Laughing Seed Cafe has been featured on many different news outlets, including Rachel Ray’s Tasty Travels show, so if you look at these clips, it should be enough to convince you that this place is worth adding to; your list!

4. Rasoi Indian Kitchen

Head over to Rasoi Indian Kitchen in Orlando for those holiday parties coming up. They are offering a Thanksgiving menu that’s sure to please everyone at the table, including the gluten-free eaters!

You can even get recipes from their blog here if you want to make these dishes for yourself later on or surprise your family with something they’ll never forget during your next dinner party!

No need to worry about what to do or where to go if you’re gluten-free anymore. These ten places are all fabulous, and there is something for everyone!

5. Ground Breaker Brewing

Ground Breaker Brewing is a factory of delicious, gluten-free food.

They take pride in their high-quality craft beers that are brewed with care for every detail and taste to make them perfect pints – just like you!

This is one of the Best food points in town, and they have something for everyone!

6. New Cascadia Traditional

Cascadia Traditional is a new, locally owned, and operated gluten-free bakery with locations in Vancouver.

They serve traditional family recipes passed down from generation to generation.

They also offer a wide range of organic and vegan options for those who may need alternatives!

Be sure to stop by their bakery this week if you haven’t already, or check out our upcoming Thanksgiving menu so you can give us a call ahead of time with your order!

It’s not easy finding great gluten-free Indian restaurants in America, but these ten are perfect for anyone who needs to watch their diet. We hope you enjoyed the list and will stop by soon!

7. Desi-PDX:

If you love food, then this is the place for you. From Indian cuisine to Chinese and everything else in between, there’s a dish that will satisfy any appetite!

A taste of Asia right here in Portland with Desi-PDX as your go-to destination every time hunger strikes or mood changes at dinnertime; find what makes us so special on 1534 SE Division St just south of 82nd Ave.

Try some delicious curries made by our chefs who had lived abroad their whole lives like Haryanvi Rahul M started doing when he was young before coming stateside.

At the same time, Bangladeshi Amina ran away from her home country during Apartheid to find a new life in the US where she could start her own family and share some of those experiences with you!

Where Family Recipes Meet Passionate Chefs We hope you enjoyed this list of gluten-free Indian food and restaurants in America.

If there are any other places we’ve missed, please let us know so we can add them to the list!

Thank you for reading, and be sure to check back soon if you haven’t already.

8. Schilling Cider

It’s hard to find a more interesting, creative, or engaging cider than Schilling Cider.

I’m not one for boasting, but I do believe ours is the best out there! You’ll never be able to get bored drinking it because of all their different flavors and refreshing tastes that will make your mouth water just thinking about them (and no lie).

Schilling Cider is a small artisan cidery based in Portland.

Our goal, stated, is to make the best hard apple ciders that we can imagine.

We started by envisioning a dry craft cider with complex funk and flavor notes that would excite traditional and modern palates.

The types of flavors you’ll find in Schilling Cider are ones you would only find in a cider made fresh from the orchard. Now that’s something to be excited about!

We can’t wait for you to try them, and we know once you do, it’ll become your number one favorite drink around.


We hope you’ve found this list of gluten-free Indian restaurants in America helpful.

If not, please let us know what kind of restaurant or cuisine is essential to you, and we can compile a new post on that for your convenience!

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