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8 Tips to Get Ahead and Avoid Last-Minute Stress

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8 Tips to Get Ahead and Avoid Last-Minute Stress

Time is valuable, and as the pace of life continues to increase, we find ourselves postponing things until the last minute move. As a last-minute mover looking to make the most of the remaining days or hours, here are some tips to make the moving process easy.

Tips for Last-Minute Movers

Moving can be hard, especially on short notice. But, irrespective of your reasons for a sudden move or for procrastinating until the last minute, you can still make the moving process smooth with these eight tips.

1. Set Your Budget and Timeline First

Often, moving can get pricey, which is why you need to begin by setting a budget before making any further plans. Without a budget, you are likely to end up spending more. Therefore, anticipate the costs of your move and come up with a budget for each service and do the totals.

When calculating the costs, account for various services like packing supplies or packers fees, moving, and moving insurance. You should also create a timeline. In how many hours would you like to move? A timeline allows you to maximize the use of your time. It also makes it easy to schedule an appointment with your movers.

2. Make a Schedule

How long do you have until your move? If you have more than a day, consider creating a schedule. A last-minute moving checklist will help you remain organized amidst the chaos and guide you on what to do and how to proceed. Besides, making a schedule takes less than 20 minutes but helps you manage the entire moving process.

3. Start Packing, Be Ruthless

When planning a move, it is recommended that homeowners declutter their homes. However, as a last-minute mover with the clock ticking, you don’t have enough time to sort through your items and declutter. Although disposing of some items may appear like a good time-saving alternative, it is not.

For example, disposing of furniture because they are bulky to move may be more expensive as you might spend more to replace them. If you don’t need an item, you can toss it aside. However, if you are unsure, there isn’t enough time to hem and haw whether you need the item.

As you pack, start by packing an overnight bag. Moving can be tedious, and it is easy to get disorganized. Your overnight bag should contain essential items you need quick access to like toilet paper, toothbrushes, coffee, etc.

4. Hire Only a Company That Specializes in Last Minute Moving

As a last-minute mover, trying to plan, pack, organize and transport by yourself can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can get help from a last-minute moving company. Seeking the services of a moving company that doesn’t specialize at the last minute could be more expensive.

Ask for quotes from different last-minute moving companies and compare them. If possible, settle for last-minute same-day movers to get enough time to pack and label your boxes if you are handling the packing yourself. The greatest advantage of hiring a last-minute long-distance moving company is they can help with some tasks, saving more time.

5. Go for a Fully Licensed and Insured Company

As you find last-minute movers near me to help with your move, it is important to consider more than the cost of moving. Ensure the company you contract is reputable, licensed, and insured, especially when moving long distances. Since you have taken a relatively short time to pack and plan, you need to be certain your belonging is in safe hands and will be delivered safely.

Last-minute long-distance movers with insurance can reimburse your belongings should any accident or unforeseen damage occur to your goods. Therefore, assuring you the safety of your priceless household items. A licensed and insured company is proof the company complies with set laws and regulations regarding moving.

6. Moving in a Hurry Can be Hassle-Free

Handling a last-minute move can be stressful, but it doesn’t need to be. While there may not be enough time to handle all tasks perfectly, you can still manage a hassle-free experience. As you park, plan and contract the service of professional movers, consider your final goal and pay more attention to your new house. Planning a relocation in a hurry and when exhausted could result in making mistakes. However, these last-minute moving tips will make your moving hassle-free.

7. Consider Alternative Methods

What options do you have for your move? You can choose to move by yourself, although it could be more hectic. When reaching your new home, having to pack, load, drive, and offload could be challenging, especially if you live alone. Your next option is hiring packers or last-minute movers company to help. While you will spend a couple of thousand, it is a worthwhile investment that will put your mind at ease.

8. Have a Prepared List of Questions

Since you don’t have enough time to compare very prospective last-minute moving companies, it is important to have a list of questions beforehand. You can then ask these questions to different companies and compare their answers. It determines the company that meets these needs best. You should inquire if the company is licensed or insured to determine if they are legally operating.

It is also important to ask about the company’s experience by asking how long they have been in business. When a company has years of experience and remains competitive in the market, it is proof of their satisfactory results.

You can also ask for track records. Ask the company how often they service their vehicles and whether they contract the services of a third party. Compare the answers from different companies to choose a company that seems best for you.

In Closing

Irrespective of how much time you have, moving remains a stressful and time-consuming process. Therefore, if your schedule gets a little tight and you end up moving in a hurry, you can use our tips above. As a last-minute mover, your main focus should be ensuring your household items safely reach the new home. When packing, pack now and sort later instead of spending time wondering what to carry and leave behind.  

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