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FSSAI registration for Bakery

FSSAI registration for Bakery
FSSAI registration for Bakery

In India, the pastry kitchen is a noticeable area in food handling units.

Pastry kitchen items like bread, various sorts of cakes, puffs and doughnuts, etc. It is one of the main areas in India, particularly in metropolitan regions. As we realize that India is one of the main nations as far as milk creation. So bread shop assumes a fundamental part in the Indian market. In this large market, there are chances of misbehaviors of pastry kitchen items.

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That is the reason it is essential for the public authority to administer the market by managing rules.

For this reason, the public authority of India set up a leader and free body named FSSAI under the FSSAI Act, 2006.

Its settle is in New Delhi, and 6 other local workplaces in India like Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi. This organization goes under the service of wellbeing undertakings.

FSSAI is answerable for making the guidelines, guidelines, standard system, and oversight.

All the food organizations, producers, providers, and brokers should have the FSSAI enlistment to run on the lookout.

Bread shop food organizations need to follow these standards to sell their items on the lookout.


The question is why this is necessary to get this license,

So the answer to this question is, it is necessary for the companies to register themself in FSSAI institutions so as to maintain public health, safety, and food security. To refrain from malpractices in bakery products, it is needed to get an FSSAI license.


How can the bakery companies apply for the FSSAI registration?

In India, bakery companies need some supporting documents for registration. The documents required for registration are as follows: 

  1. Address proof ID
  2. Passport size photo
  3. Adhar card or another id card 
  4. Business name and its address
  5. Business details etc.

Above are the documents required for the registration.

There are different criteria for registration:

1) Basic FSSAI license, the companies whose annual turnover is below 12 L, 

2) State FSSAI license, whose annual turnover is between 12 L and  20 L,  and 

3) Central FSSAI Licence,  here the annual turnover should be 20 L.

For the bakery companies, they should have at least Basic FSSAI license registration ( according to their annual turnover)  to run their business in the market.

For all the food-making companies along with bakery companies, it is mandatory to have such a license to run his business. If any food-making companies fail to regulate FSSAI norms, it is illegal to run the business and if the companies continue to run this business, the suit can be sued against the companies.

In a nutshell, to run food-making industries in the Indian market, they should have the FSSAI license.  



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