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For the Businesses Who are Victim of Age Verification Scams

Age Verification
For the Businesses Who are Victim of Age Verification Scams

Digitization has given exposure to all people about the outer world without any hurdle. Now, about every person has a smartphone or PC along with a suitable internet connection. The Internet has users of all ages, even minors and senior citizens have social media accounts. The normal users are habitual of searching on the internet for daily tasks, be it finding a route or reading a book. The Internet is like air because it has no limits and is available for all humankind. 

This blog will be covering age verification scams and how to combat them using age verification solutions.

Age Verification Scams

Covid-19 has highlighted the need for the internet during the lockdown. Work from home surged, and businesses allowed their employees to operate remotely. Now we can’t ignore that internet usage has become a necessity rather than a habit. The Internet has also given new employment opportunities, like food delivery apps and online cab services. 

The Internet may have brought convenience to the users’ life, but its negative consequences can’t be ignored. The good advantage of the internet is the ease of accessing information. A student can learn anything using online video tutorials. Parents have allowed their kids to use the online platforms, but their supervision is somehow compromised. They can’t always watch what their kids are doing. As there is huge online content that is not good for minors, and if they see anything like that, it could raise serious issues. 

Why is Age Verification Essential?

Kids are the future of every nation and if they have been exposed to adult content, then the country’s fate is in danger. The governments put their best efforts to facilitate the young generation, for example, free internet facility. Kids have taken full advantage of these services and thus become the primary users of digital platforms. 

If we look at the digital landscape, we will get to know that some digital services are mostly used by kids. Gaming, social media platforms, and video streaming websites are heavily used by kids more than any other age group.  

We have seen that anything without rules and regulations has given disastrous outcomes. Road accidents are an example, if the people are not obliged to drive in their lane with a limited speed they did not harm their life but others also. Likewise, the Internet needs regulations, and access should be restricted. There is no age filter on most online platforms and everyone can use them. 

How to Verify Age?

The checkbox method is mostly used for address verification, where the user just has to tick a box to acquire his consent. This checkbox usually has a consent note, “I am above 18”.  

In another method, the users have to manually type their date of birth and the system calculates the exact age in years. Both the above methods are very easy to bypass. Underage users can easily verify themselves as adults and access the digital platform.

The accurate age can be verified through documents, here is how

  • The user onboards on a website, where he has to sign up
  • The website requires his bio-data, user provide his full name, date of birth, address there
  • At this stage, the information is to be verified, for this, the user has to upload an image of ID document (essentially issued by the government)
  • The system clicks a live selfie of the user’s face 
  • The information from the document is extracted and matched with the user-typed data
  • It is checked that the person presenting the ID is the real owner by confirming the photo ID and selfie
  • If the information is verified and the age is in the specified range set by the website, the user is allowed to open the account otherwise not

In a Nutshell

The verification is performed by the AI-powered software in real-time, using OCR technology for data extraction. The software is enabled to spot any attempts of age verification scams. Businesses can comply with added regulations of age verification. It will help them to gain greater customer trust and market goodwill.



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