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Educational Games for Kids to Boost Learning

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Educational Games for Kids to Boost Learning

Educational games are an interactive way to make students understand even the most complicated topics easily. They compel young children to do some brainstorming by impacting their inquisitive minds. Further, this is an excellent way to inspire a child. It helps in building competency, skills, and talent through dynamic ways. Hence, it decreases their dependency on assignment help specialists when they grow old.

In recent times, the production of such mind-based educational games has substantially increased. They act as fantastic tools to improve emotional and social learning. Therefore, these games are perfect to facilitate the understanding of tricky subjects like science, mathematics, etc.

If you are looking to introduce a fun game into your child’s learning plan, we have some fabulous suggestions for you! These games are sure to excite them and propel curiosity towards their subjects. So, let us dig in!

Highly Interactive Educational Games for Kids

1.   CBeebies – global.ceebies.com

Invented for kids aged 6 years and under, CBeebies is a perfect pre-school game. It comes with a list of programming activities. This includes free interactive online games, videos, programs, etc. They have a wide range of games to offer:

  • Exploring games
  • Puzzle games
  • Colouring games
  • Feeding time games
  • Dinosaur match game
  • Andy’s puzzle game
  • Memory game
  • Business Games
  • Dinosaur bones game
  • Super numtum and the flying moles of mischief game
  • Outdoor fun game

2.   CBC Kids

If you have children anywhere aged 9 to 13, then this is a perfect choice. It helps in the development of digital literacy among youngsters. These games are appropriate for satisfying the queerness of kids.

It has a list of games based on a variety of themes such as puzzles, action, animals, strategy, sports, beginners, adventure, etc.

Here are the most popular educational games by CBC:

  • Adventure games – Baby Cat Adventure, Kiko Adventure, Jungle Treasure
  • Business games– Increase knowledge and improve skills and interest in business
  • Gravity games – Gravity Escapes, Gravity Square, Alien Bridge
  • Animal games – Zoo run, Donuts, Farm Story
  • Strategy games – Anti-gravity, Battle Battle, Alien Bridge
  • Sports games – Surfing Hero, MTB Hero, Surfing Hero
  • Beginner games – A Helping Hand

3.   Tate Kids

This is the best game to spark the urge for art in young minds. Its free-of-cost art-based games and quizzes are perfect for homework help. Further, their website offers interesting information, a dedicated kids gallery, and more.

That’s not it. Children can check out “My Imaginary City” to assist robots to create their own landscapes, and save popular art pieces in the “Art Parts”.

Doesn’t it sound exciting? It is a fantastic way to bring out hidden creativity while at the same time, educate the little ones.

4.   Math and Reading Games – SplashLearn

SplashLearn is a highly interactive game to enhance mathematical and reading skills. It is an appropriate mix of learning and fun. In fact, SplashLearn has a scientifically designed curriculum and tailored lesson plans. More than 40 million kids utilize these exceptional games for an effective learning experience.

Here are many benefits of SplashLearn:

  • Highly encouraging rewards
  • Customized plans and schedules
  • Great learning and understanding for students
  • An extensive library of over 4000 educational activities, books, games, etc.
  • They regularly update their website with innovative and new games.
  • A safe learning experience for kids.

5.   Vocabulary Spelling City

This interesting app is available on Google Play, Web, and iTunes App Store. It is an excellent tool to improve grammatical and spelling skills.

Hence, you can help your children boost their vocabulary and reading techniques.

They have a wide range of exciting spelling games with a long list of words. Their website has over 40 online games that your children can enjoy. These games are appropriate for assignment help online, and personal growth.

6.   Wallykazam! Letter and Word Magic


Inspired from the popular junior animated TV series Nickelodeon, Wallykazam! lets kids improve their learning skills. The game is best suited for preschoolers.

Children enter the world of their favorite characters Wally Trollman, Bobgoblin, Gina Giant, Norville, Libby Light Sprite, etc. The app is best for learning letter tracing, phonics, and letter recognition.

7.   GoNoodle

Health is wealth”.

Make your child understand the significance of a healthy mind and body through this exciting game. GoNoodle is an appropriate choice for kids to learn the importance of good health through engaging content.

There are more than 300 videos including content on yoga, kids’ songs, stretching, mindfulness, etc.

Doesn’t it sound like a perfect package for your kids? Whether you are organizing a kid’s dance party or taking your little one for a morning jog- GoNoodle has a lot to offer.

8.   Start With Art – Madcap Logic

If your child is inclined towards art, then Start with Art would be the best choice for your little star! It helps kids learn animation skills. The creators have developed it to perfection. It is a detailed art guide for children.

Here are the learning elements you get in Start with Art:

  • A glossary of art terms to improve the understanding.
  • 16 detailed lessons to explore the principle and elements of art.
  • Many business games that improve the learning of Kids.  
  • Puzzle pieces and artist cards that get awarded after completing the challenges.
  • Assessment Rubric to assess a student’s understanding and growth concerning the national standards. 
  • Creativity builders come with 32 projects with a consolidated learning plan.

Wrapping Up

The educational games are a highly interactive way to propel the eagerness to learn among kids. Present-day games are available in a variety of formats, such as puzzles, guides, games, etc. You can opt for digital games or traditional, hands-on games as per your suitability. These games are perfect for homework help and guidance. I hope you found this post helpful! (If we talk about the list of exciting educational games then I would like to say that we have compiled a list of exciting educational games for kids in multiple categories such as art, math, English. etc. They are a perfect tool for homework help!)

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