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Digital Parenting in the modern world

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Digital Parenting in the modern world

Parenting is not the same as it was around two decades ago. The challenges are mounting day by day. This is due to the sudden rise in technology. The emergence of mobile phones and the internet bring a lot of ease in communication. But it has also some certain disadvantages. The duo of internet and cell phones can cause problems for parents.

Parenting in the past was a bit easier. But now it is very hard for parents to keep an eye on the child’s activities. It gets even worst if both of the parents are working. The life of the parents has also become fast and busy. There were fewer distractions in the past. The relationships between the siblings were pleasant. There were discussions at the dinner table. But now, there are password-protected cell phones. The children are the privacy of the children gets stronger. Parents need to upgrade their skill set of parenting. One of the best ways to keep the children in line and under the radar is to use an android monitoring app.

Why Android Monitoring app?

Cell phones are the most revolutionary invention of the modern world. Everybody in the world owns a cell phone. It became the identity of the person using it. Android is one of the most common operating systems of cell phones. It is user-friendly. Kids are also fond of android cell phones. Parents who want to keep their children in their protection 24/7 can use this app. The Android monitoring app enables the parents to watch the activities of the child on the phone. This gives them a clear picture of the child’s direction.

How it works?

There are many mobile phone tracking apps available in the online market. Many good apps have comprehensive websites. The information about subscriptions and packages is available on the websites. The Android monitoring app starts working right after the subscription. The parents need their child’s phone in possession for installation. There is no need for the target cell phone after installation. There are online web portals in connection with the app. The user can view the data from the target cell phone by logging into the portal. The user gets the credentials for login via email.

Listed Features of Android Monitoring App

There are many good features for the parents to watch the child. A few are listed below:

  • Location tracking
  • Call recordings
  • Call logs access
  • Screen recording
  • 360 Live streaming
  • Password chaser
  • Email monitoring
  • Social media monitoring
  • SMS monitoring

The features of the monitoring app depend on the subscription. Different android monitoring apps have different pricing plans and set of features. The user has to do research and select an app after comparison.

What parents can achieve after using the monitoring app?

Parents can give themselves some peace by using an android monitoring app. There are many benefits. A few of these are belowParents can check their child’s location at any instance. Most of the children lie to their parents about their outdoor activities. Sometimes they make an excuse of group study and go out to party. Parents can also mark the map for safe zones and restricted zones. If there is any movement breach, the app notifies the parents.

Parents can check the call logs to see if their child is talking to strangers. Bad people are everywhere, so parents must check if someone is trying to trap their teenage child. Parents can check the web search history of the child. This will help parents to check if their child is visiting adult sites.

Parents can use call recording and live call listening features. This can help them in knowing the type of conversations their child is having. Parents can use Email monitoring features. This can help parents to check if their child is into online dating. Teenagers are eager to have a relationship. But it is not good at early ages. So the parents keep an eye on these things.


The Android monitoring app is a great tool to watch the children 24/7. teenagers are reluctant in sharing their privacy. So it is a good way to spy on the children without them knowing. Parents can have a sigh of relief and can raise decent kids.

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