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Ten Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

Digital Marketing Trends
Ten Digital Marketing Trends for 2022

A marketer’s work is never monotonous with the constant need to adjust and adapt to rapidly changing trends. Your strategies must be molded to meet the bar being set by the latest technologies or practices. However, you must also distinguish which bandwagon to get on and which to let go of. It is necessary to have the wisdom for deciphering which tactic can benefit your brand the most.

predictions can be made by observing the upcoming trends of the digital market. But these predictions are based on solid outcomes and figures produced by the current marketplace. It is a folly for marketers to ignore the timeless golden rule of operating upon tried and tested formulas. By combining what you already know with these new tools and techniques you can gain an edge.

Being the best in their field is everyone’s ambition. So, why not explore the trends that are going to dominate 2020 and elevate your skills and market value. Our experts at cvmasters.co.uk recommend ten of the most prominent trends you should follow for success.

Video marketing

Mobile optimization has become a priority for web developers during the past few years. And with 5G and other advanced data plans available now, video streaming on handheld devices is even more convenient.

Platforms like TikTok and YouTube provide everything from informative to purely entertaining content. The number of users on visual platforms is proof of the popularity and preference of video content. It is a major marketing trend that you should be aware of in 2022. Adding creative visual material to your arsenal can definitely expand your opportunities.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis is going to transform digital marketing in 2022. Many tools already offer the option, and the demand will increase in the months ahead. This analytical method is based on Natural Language Processing. AI learning helps in configuring the nuances of human communication It analyzes if an online statement is positive, negative, or neutral.

The technology had trouble detecting irony or sarcastic comments in the past. But it has advanced much since and correctly identifies negative comments. Ironically, posts that have negative sentiment attract a higher engagement rate. But as a marketer, you can monitor the situation and build a strategy to turn the tables.    

Voice search

Voice search was to boom in 2019. Although it did not gain popularity then, this year we advise you to integrate it into your marketing strategy. Voice search optimization can be your winning card in 2022.

Marketers have been focusing on content marketing and SEO for years now. Optimizing your content for voice search needs no bigger changes. Search engines will still bring up written content as a result of verbal queries. Therefore, you do not have to entirely rebuild your strategy. 


Hyper-targeted personalization is preferred by online consumers. People want to access the content they want at the time they need it. Personalization and timely delivery of your marketing message can accomplish that. And a wide range of marketing tools for automated personalization make the task easier. Segment your users when creating your email marketing strategy. Advanced tools can be used to make various subscription pop-ups and divide users into categories.

While creating ads for social media, do not target the entirety of your followers. Keep in mind different types of customers who would find your product interesting. Campaigns should be tailored based on the preferences. However, your personalized messaging should have limits. Keep them relevant but showing how much you know about people’s interests can be alarming for them.     

The micro-moment strategy

Smartphones have considerably shortened our attention spans. This is a point that marketers must remember when working on strategies. According to Google, users experience four types of micro-moments:

  • want to go moments
  • I want to buy moments
  • want to know moments
  • I want to do moments

To meet this quick decision-making process, marketers need tactics to instantly capture users’ attention. Micro-moments are linked closely to targeted advertising and personalization. You need to build a presence on platforms where your target audiences are most active. And then create impactful brief content that caters to their needs.

Zero-click search

Optimization for Google is necessary but featured snippets are increasingly becoming a part of search queries. This trend might create issues for digital marketers. But they need to be aware of it so they can reevaluate their content accordingly. It would be helpful to observe different search queries on Google. You can also focus more on subjects that require further explanation.   

AR/VR and Metaverse

Metaverse is supposed to be the next-generation internet and Mark Zuckerberg is already on it. You can also plan ahead for this transformation by integrating Metaverse into your strategies. AR and VR are platforms that are already available to explore the limits of your marketing creativity and innovation. With constant advancements in mobile devices and the accessibility of VR sets, it can be the biggest digital trend for 2022.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an effective way for the brands such as Custom CV or other online platforms to bond with consumers on a humane level. 2022 brings thousands of methods for influencer integration in digital marketing tactics. There are different ways to market within a single app or work between multiple platforms. For instance, alongside stories and posts, Instagram now has the Reels feature as well.

Just choose your influencers carefully when you require converting online users. In-depth audience research will go a long way here. There are also marketing tools that can help identify influencers suited to your brand.

CSR and non-profit deals

Corporate social responsibility campaigns are finally becoming a standard part of marketing. And we are here for it, as at least in 2022 brands should think about positively impacting the environment. These strategies not only will be beneficial for society but will also leave a favorable impression on consumers.

People adore brands that value sustainability and healthy practices. They share any promotional activity and spread the word about their preferred brand showing awareness of important matters. Marketers can cover non-profit events and activities their brand is involved in for massive positive feedback.                                                         

Digital skills

The pandemic changed the world as we knew it and triggered a huge shift to the virtual world. Focusing exclusively on online interaction is a key trend to emerge in 2022. Thousands of opportunities are on the rise contributing to the growth of e-commerce. Digital marketers must consciously observe these changes and incorporate new customer behavior patterns in their strategies. Advanced digital marketing skills need to be developed to ensure they can stay abreast with emerging technologies.


The world has much to experience in the way of technology in 2022. And all these developments will directly influence how brands promote themselves. By preparing for these changes early on, you can avail these opportunities better than your competitors. Digital marketing can be one of the most promising career prospects in the near future. So, why not join the ranks? Contact our professional cover letter writing service UK for top-quality resume help online. Our writers are skilled at showcasing your experiences, skills, and achievements most impressively. We guaranteed that you will catch the eye of potential recruiters in no time with our well-crafted documents. Simply submit your information and let us pave your path to a promising professional life.



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