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A Quick Guide to Custom Hair Extension Boxes

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A Quick Guide to Custom Hair Extension Boxes

Hair extensions are getting popular day by day. The annual turnover on hair extensions for the year 2021 to 2022 is about $3.43 billion. So, the packaging companies are also working hard on creating custom hair extension boxes as well.

You can simply hire a good firm to address all your packaging issues. There are outstanding firms available within the market that can do wonders in order to transform your custom hair extension packaging.

The following is a quick guide through which you can promote your brand in a different way:

Focus on the Opening style of the box

The opening style of the box should be wonderful in order to attract customers. However, the customers are now bored with the idea of having the packaging repeated every time. So, you can offer them your hair extensions elegantly.

The following are some of the elegant box styles you can adopt to have an enhanced number of sales:

Rigid two-piece style box

The rigid boxes are considered the most expensive ones but they are not that expensive. If you get them in wholesale quantities for enclosing your hair extensions, this can be an affordable approach.

Moreover, to embrace the outlook of hair extension rigid packaging you can add a silk cloth within the box and texturize it externally so people can have the feel of elegancy by just holding the box. You can also add various additional features on the box to highlight it more on the shelves such as gold or silver foiling.

Sleeve Box style

The sleeve box style wonderfully looks elegant for your hair extensions. By enclosing your hair extensions within this box the people will have the ease to open the box like a drawer.

Moreover, you can add the window feature on the sleeve box style so people can see the color of the hair extensions from a great distance.

Wall Hanging box style

These wall-hanging style boxes look elegant on the shelves. You can place your hair extensions elegantly within the hanging box to exhibit the efficiency of your brand.

Add the Captions

Without inserting the captions on the hair extension box packaging you cannot grab the attention and high sales.

You can describe your text on the boxes through the means of captions. For instance,

you can type on the box “ get fallen in love with your sleek hair look”. Moreover, you can also add the other captions according to your brand call.

Further, do specify the hair extension’s quality whether they are synthetic or are made of human hair. This information will help your customers to make the selection accordingly.

You can also highlight the major information through the means of embossing or debossing artistic features. Moreover, you can add the silver and gold foiling to the box as well.

Therefore, take help from a competent packaging company in order to have perfectly designed custom hair extension boxes.

The experts present in packaging companies offer incredible design services which can truly create a difference.

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