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3 Tricks to make your Custom Hair Extension Boxes look Magnificent on the Shelves.

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Hair extension accessories are crucial within the fashion industry. In the market there are diverse types of hair extensions get sold in the market. For instance, sew-ins, clip-ins, tape-ins, and glue-ins. Custom hair extension boxes are also trending in the market enormously.

Modify the outer look of the boxes by taking assistance from a competent printing box manufacturing company. Go for having eco-boxes to build a great impact on your potential customers.

Are you wishing to have the most impactful boxes? Adopt the below tricks:

Create a Difference by Selecting Material

Your brand doesn’t have to compromise on the material of the box. Just construct your box by following the ecology guidelines.

However, your box quality should be graceful so that people can easily get attracted to your eco-friendly hair extension boxes.  

Below list is the name of the packaging materials which you can get from the market:

  • Kraft box packaging
  • Cardstock
  • Corrugated
  • Rigid

Pick the best material according to your brand’s requirements.

Insert the details on the Boxes

Without specifying the exact function of the hair wigs, it is not possible to gain the customer’s confidence within your brand. Just specify the usage of the hair extensions on your boxes.

For example, at the front side of the packaging specify the brand name you have, then write the hair wigs range name, after that do specify the kind of hair extension you are offering whether they are sew-ins, clip-ins, glue-ins, or tape-ins.

Then at one side of the hair extension box packaging illustrate the use of how to clip it within the hair and how to use and remove the hair wig. This information can be shared through the assistance of infographics. So, people can easily read and understand the usage by reading it.

Add Eye Catching Features

Without the addition of awe-inspiring features, you cannot be famous. Do you want to make your boxes look unique within the market? Then choose the die-cut features. This die-cut feature will assist your customers to see the actual color of the hair wig without opening the complete box.

Moreover, you can insert a PVC coating on this window feature and provide it with an opening and closing like a small shutter. So, before buying a person can open this little shutter to see the inside texture of the hair wig.

Further, you can utilize gold and silver foiling strips to embed on the box. Make sure that your box look attractive from the outside to the customers.

For the custom hair extension boxes, the incorporation of upper handles is crucial. However, people have difficulty carrying hair wigs from one location to another. So, by incorporating handles they can easily carry it.

Adopt the above-listed tricks to boost the portrayal of your hair extensions within the market.

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