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Choose Unique Style for Custom Made Medicine Boxes

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Choose Unique Style for Custom Made Medicine Boxes

You probably have the best medicine supplies in the market, but how can you convey this to customers? Brand awareness and differentiation are productively obtained through planned custom boxes.

Have you ever found yourself questioning how to come up with distinct and workable boxes? The booming medicine industry surely keeps the businesses on their toes. They have to constantly compete with new and established companies that use creative ways to garner customer attention.

Using customized medicine can win you a considerable proportion of the battle. Here are our favorite design tips that can give you a heads up in the race.

One: Answer relevant questions

One easy way to start with box production is by determining what you aim to achieve through the boxes? Some important questions include:

What is the product?

Naturally, you can’t have an appropriate box unless you know what you are going to pack in it. Certain items like medicines need packaging that maintains temperatures and protects against possible mutations.

Furthermore, the primary product packaging matters too. Fragile glass bottles need to be boxed in denser units that can withstand shocks along the way. Other medicines packaged in pouches can have smaller boxes that provide apt cover, and so on.

Without knowing the product requirements, you cannot design effective boxes. Medicine companies that offer original products often gain more customer loyalty than those that don’t.

Who is buying the product?

Identifying your customers is extremely important. When brands compete in the market for identical medicines, customer-attracting tools become highly relevant.

Questions such as the customer age bracket, locations, income levels, and occupation help to craft box designs that suit their expectations.

For instance, children’s medicines usually come in bright colors with cartoons. Supplements like vitamins are treated to working individuals and should convey a serious brand image, and so on.

The distribution platform

The box design also depends on the selling channel. Online orders need more reliable and durable boxes than retail displays. The materials choice and box shape are influenced by these channels.

Apart from the packaging structure, the designs also vary for every retail platform. In-store boxes need to be more eye-catching and stylish. Whereas, e-commerce packaging must concentrate on conveying the signature brand image.

Two: Allow the boxes to speak about the business

It is essential that you don’t only think about the box designs in isolation. After all, the sole aim of using custom boxes is to extend brand recognition. Hence, the brand logo, name, and suitable graphics must accompany every medicine packaging.

Another important factor is to keep the brand details uniform throughout the marketing drives. Every brand promotional device must communicate similar brand images to the customers. This helps to form a convincing brand story that buyers can retain easily.

Three: Add all essential details

The basic function of printing the medicine boxes is to enable customers to understand your brand and products better.

On top of branding your boxes, you must also include product details such as the nutritional info, expiry dates, instructions for use, allergens, and brief descriptive content inside. Getting certifications from relevant bodies is also a good idea to generate customer trust.

custom boxes

Four: Use every packaging layer

A major part of ensuring that your customers get the messages right from the boxes, they have to be placed at the right box spots.

Many brands miss out on this facet of the box design and don’t fulfill their sales potential. Customers need to feel encouraged to read the box contents. Expert box manufacturers suggest taking the following steps:

Plan the outer packaging

The box cover is what customers see first whether at stores or when they get their shipment. Using this location for reflecting the brand personality is the best option.

You want your customers to memorize your brand image as soon as they see your medicine boxes. As the boxes travel through varied retail points, they are seen by many customers. Putting your brand logo and name on the most prominent outer box side is a convenient way to form an instant link with customers.

Inner box sides

Modern customers demand a worthy shopping experience. This has prompted the utilization of the inner box flaps too.

Brands that particularly aim for providing a memorable unboxing sentiment, use all the box angles diligently. Welcoming customers through handwritten notes, picking quirky colors for inner printing, and placing vouchers inside the boxes are some ways to entice customers.

Additionally, placing customer trays inside the boxes is a good way to ensure that the products are held in place. Medicine supplies are sensitive and need to remain in good form for customers to reap their benefits.

Placing sleeves

An extra box component is custom sleeves. Various popular brands use these on a brown box base to add glimmer at affordable rates. Alternatively, as added box cover conveys premium brand vibes. It gives a superior unboxing feel to customers and persuades them to buy from the brand again.

Five: Ask a designer for feedback and assistance

Hiring professional box engineers can be an effective investment. Engineering the perfect box takes expert knowledge. Professionals know the effects of every box feature and can work with your brand to improve customer retention.

Moreover, you can ask the box stylists to provide you with a pallet of colors, designs, patterns, and box shapes. Planning the boxes on a soft copy is an effective way to test different prototypes and correct errors. The final print can be obtained in the desired numbers without the need to bulk print all the time.

The resulting boxes are on point with mesmerizing visuals. Taking the help of printing partners saves time and resources too. They ensure that your ideal custom boxes types are realized within the stated time and budget limitations. 


Doing little market research and observing rivals can provide good box configurations. These and the above design tips combined would undoubtedly bring your brand image into the limelight. So, start planning your medicine boxes today!

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