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Brazilian joins list of world’s Famous psychic’s

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Brazilian joins list of world’s Famous psychic’s

Meet the 3 most polemics psychic’s in the history of today

The term clairvoyance arises for the first time with its own meaning in the part of “The Spirits’ Book” that deals with the emancipation of the soul. Allan Kardec deals with a “kind of clairvoyance” that happens during dreams, where the soul has the faculty to perceive events that happen elsewhere. This dot therefore he employs the term as a faculty to see at a distance without the employment of the eyes. Sleepwalkers would be capable of this phenomenon due to the faculty of soul detachment from their respective body followed by the possibility of locomotion of it.


Clairvoyance, according to parapsychology, is the ability to obtain knowledge of event, being or object, without the use of any known human sensory channels and without the use of Telepathy. Many used by occultists to the so-called “spiritual vision”, allows to see spiritual plans or at least something belonging to such plans. In the specific case of Spiritism, clairvoyance, double view and second view are synonymous. Already lucidity refers in a special way to the sonambúlica clairvoyance.

In this article a brief history of the most talked about psychics of today.



Nostradamus is probably the first that comes to mind when we think of famous psychics. Although this French doctor and astrologer of Jewish origin did not guarantee the fulfillment of his prophecies, his predictions were so profound that to this day are used to explain the most surprising facts in history. Many of his supporters claim that some of his visions predicted facts such as the birth and fall of Hitler, the fall of the twin towers and the death of Princess Diana.


Baba Vanga

Baba Vanga, known for being a healer, mystic and psychic the blind woman predicted the end of the world and our future, died in 1996 at the age of 90, and would have been one of the great seers of the century XX. According to numerous texts circulating about him, Baba Vanga would have foreseen Stalin’s death in addition to making countless terrible predictions for all mankind


Athos Salomé

Athos Salomé is the youngest among the members of this list, he is 35 years old and was born in Claudio, a small town in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Recently the young Paranormal became notorious after the correct answers of his predictions posted on March 30, 2021.

Athos is like a point outside the curve. He does a style quite different from what one usually sees when talking about mystics. No fancy clothes or robes, nothing too colorful. Don’t think he does the dark style either.

In general, the psychic seems to like to keep a normal and discreet look in line with fashion, of which he understands, since he was once a model scouter.

But the question of style does not stop with looks. Athos, who is a parapsychologist and adept of the Kabbalah, has recently been compared to the great seer Nostradamus, partly because of his successes, but also because of the symbolic style he uses in his predictions.

Athos Salome’s predictions

Among Athos Salome’s predictions was a pandemic of COVID-19. The psychic man would have made his first prediction about the virus as early as 2012, 8 years in advance.

Coincidentally Baba Vanga was born on 03/10/1911 and Athos 02/10/1986. In 1986 the seer had foreseen the Chernobyl disaster, the same year of his birth.

In February this year Russia took over the world’s largest power plant, Chernobyl exactly the month that the Brazilian Psychic predicted its attacks.

Through symbolic language, which to some extent resembles the way of Nostradamus , Athos Salomé is said to have predicted and anticipated the date when Ukraine began to be invaded by Russia, registered by several portals on March 30, 2021.

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