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Birthday Flower Arrangements by Month

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Birthday Flower Arrangements by Month

The Right Flower for the Right Month

​For a birthday celebration, it’s a good idea to find flowers which fit the time of year. Everybody has a birth month. While “birthstones” are a bit more commonly known, a lot of people don’t realize that there are flower arrangements that conform to a given month as well.

We’ve put this list together to help you figure out what would be best for the person about to celebrate in your life.

January—Snowdrop Flowers and Carnations

The flowers of January reflect the season. Snowdrops are white and pure, carnations have a quality to them that feels floral, minty, stark, and clean. For friends or family born in this month, these are some good options.

February—Primrose, and Violet

February has a deep romantic connotation to it, and that means you can get away with roses or tulips as well. The technical flowers for this month are Primrose and Violet, but go with what the birthday girl or boy wants.

March—Jonquil, and Daffodil

March is the threshold of spring. As such, flowers that feel fresh, new, and beautiful are a good choice. April and March are a little interchangeable, depending on your region. Technically, Jonquil (a form of narcissus) and Daffodil are the flowers for this month.

April—Sweet Pea, and Daisy

As noted earlier, you may be able to interchange March flowers for April flowers, depending on your location. Sweet Pea and Daisy are the recognized birth flowers for April.

May—Lily of the Valley, and Hawthorne

May is on the edge of summer, and everything should be in full bloom by the time you’re celebrating a birthday this month. The favored flowers for a bouquet are Lily of the Valley and Hawthorne.

June—Honeysuckle, and Rose

Some early blooms in June may yield fruit in the fullness of time. Honeysuckle and Rose are the flowers for this month on the cusp of summer.

July—Waterlily, and Larkspur

In July, the sun is at the top of the sky, pools are full of customers, and a lot of folks have a good start on that summer tan. Waterlily and Larkspur have a vibrant, fresh quality to them that silhouettes this birth month quite well.


August—Poppy, and Gladiolus

In August, the days have begun to get noticeably shorter, even as the temperatures get a lot warmer in many locales than they were in July. Poppy and Gladiolus are the birth month flowers for the end of summer.

September—Morning Glory and Aster

September is on the edge of summer and fall, and commonly represents a change in the annual station. Whether you’re going to school again, teaching again, or focusing on chores at home, this is the month you put summer behind you. Morning glory is a fine reminder to wake up early and get after it. Aster has a certain elegance to it offsetting morning glories.

October—Cosmos and Marigold

Cosmos and marigolds help ring in the autumn, and as a bonus, these flowers tend to fit many autumnal decorative themes. Especially if the person you’re buying a birthday bouquet for has a Halloween (or Halloween adjacent) wedding, these are a good option.


November isn’t messing around. There’s one flower, and one flower only: chrysanthemum in the orange hues of a dying red dwarf star, or colored like the last leaves of autumn.

December—Holly, Narcissus, and Poinsettia

Holly has long been associated with December, and narcissus is beautiful enough it’s easy to imagine this flower appreciating itself in the mirror—and it’s related to jonquils. These are the birth flowers, but as February has an affinity for roses, so December has a relationship with Poinsettias.


The Leap Year Bouquet: Put Them All Together at Once!

Obviously, which flowers for which birth month are best is a bit self-explanatory; but what if your friend was born on the 29th of February in a leap year? Well, you might just get them a bouquet with one or two flowers from each category, if you can swing it! Whatever you do, flowers tend to be a fine gift for any birthday.

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