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Best Treks To Do Near Delhi

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Best Treks To Do Near Delhi


It is very well-known to everyone that Delhi is the Capital of the country India. But very few people know that Delhi is also one of the tourist attractions. There are so many beautiful places near Delhi which will make trips memorable for the tourists. There are also so many places near Delhi which are popular for trekking and they are:-

Hampta Pass Trek

The beautiful name ‘Hampta Pass’ gets it from the village located in the Pirpanjal region. This place is mostly under the control of trekkers and shepherds. Hampta Pass trek is one of the toughest treks near Delhi and adventurous too.

  • Its maximum altitude is about 14000 ft
  • Trekking days- 5
  • Its difficulty level is moderate
  • Suitable time to visit this place is June to Mid-November

Kedarkantha Trek

This is one of the most famous and charming winter treks in India, and this winter trek offers people the magnificent and  beautiful valleys, fascinating views of tiny and beautiful villages, meadows, snow trails, spectacular landscapes with beautiful mountains, sluggish rivers, lakes and the great peaks of Himalayas. The impressive beauty of the landscape is doubled by the ‘Juda Ka Talab’ known for its magical aura that illuminates the trekking.

  • Its maximum altitude is about 12500 ft
  • Trekking days- 6
  • Its difficulty level is easy
  • Suitable time to visit this place is December to April

Markha Valley

The mesmerized valley which is one of the largest in the Ladakh region is Markha Valley. Markha Valley trek is one of the desired hiking trails in the region. Leh, as the starting point, this arduous hike will take us through the Chilling, Skiu, Sara,Hankar and Namaling. We will also get a glimpse at the infinite Karakoramand Ladakh ranges. The motivation of this trek are the stunning points of the K2 Mountain, Stok Kangri and Kang taste peaks. On a clear day, one can get a glance of the distant Tibet region.

  • Its maximum altitude is about 5200 m
  • Trekking days- 10
  • It difficulty level is moderate to difficult
  • Suitable time to visit this place is July to Mid-September

Dayara Bugyal Trek

Dayara Bugyal is a wonderful trek and it is like a walk into fairy land that inspires us to learn what we have to give and take back from nature. Its maximum altitude/ height is about 13612 feet. 

  • Its difficulty level is moderate 
  • Suitable time to visit this place is Mid-March to Mid-November

Valley of Flower Trek

Flower trek is one of the popular treks near Delhi. It  is the best treatment for our inactive lifestyle than a day spent in nature. Trekking in the valley of flowers is also a popular sport among both beginners  and experienced trekkers. 

  • The duration of this trek is one day.
  • Its difficulty level is easy.
  • Suitable time to visit this place is Mid-July to Mid-August

Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga is a forty-white mountain river which is very beautiful in Kasol. The trek is not more than 12 km, and can be covered in 5z to 6 hours, but only if trekkers take a short break.

  • Its maximum altitude is about 9711 ft
  • Trekking days- 1 to 2
  • Its difficulty level is easy 
  • Suitable time to visit this place is May to November

Pin Parvati Pass Trek

Many people are keen to do tough treks, and for those who are looking for it, Pin Parvati is the best option. This trek is not an ideal trek for beginners as it is difficult and challenging. Even experienced trekkers also need to require good stamina for venturing this trek.The trek takes us to an inspiring height of 16000 ft and from there we can see a fascinating landscape. We can go through snowy landscapes, boulders, undulating meadows and high mountains. People who want to go this trek should be mentally prepared because it is a 9-day trek.

  • Its maximum altitude is about 17450 ft
  • Trekking days- 9 to 10
  • Its difficulty level is difficult
  • Suitable time to visit this place is July to September


So these are the best treks to do near Delhi. All of us, at once must go to these places for venturing the beautiful scenic views. All the above treks are affordable. Beginners can also go for this trek and have a wonderful journey. 

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