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Best prices for private detectives in Spain

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Best prices for private detectives in Spain

Today in Spain it is common to find many agencies in charge of providing investigation services.

Highlighting the fraud of sick leave by professionals in the region.

It is also possible to hire the services of an independent detective to carry out these investigations in Spain, although their fees are usually higher than those of agencies and it can be difficult to hire them.

Regarding these cases, it is important to point out that, over the years, at Grupo Arga Detective in Spain, we have positioned ourselves as the main option for many people to investigate sick leave fraud, since we have experienced investigators from the best death

Our license private detectives in Spain are characterize by their professionalism

And in the shortest possible time, to respond to these situations to any company that requires our services. In addition to investigations targeting sick leave fraud, our team also provides other investigative services such as family-oriented investigative services, and infidelity, including theft, and fraud.

However, this is not why we position ourselves as the main agent for many, on the contrary.

We have become the main option thanks to the fact that we have the best rates in the area.

In addition to responsibility and professionalism.

You can adjust the price to the pocket of each client, so do not hesitate to trust us when you need it.

Beware of fraudulent licenses, Grupo Arga private detective in Spain experts

The fraudulent license is an authorization from the company to its workers due to health problems.

With this permit, workers do not have to go to work for a certain number of days and receive payments from the company.

That prevents him from fulfilling the normal working day as he did.

Sick leave fraud is more common than many people think, which is why many responsible companies highlight these investigations in Spain, otherwise, the company could lose more than profits.

The aforementioned company can sue the workers who falsified these cards, possibly legally before a judge.
For this and many other things, it is important that companies investigate and locate their employees who have submitted such fraudulent applications, to verify their authenticity.

Detectives in Spain, responsible for providing information, Grupo Arga

Those responsible for receiving these fraudulent letters from the company must provide the detective with all the information they have.

In this way, the detective can begin by verifying the authenticity and reliability of said medical license. A monitored employee will then initiate an objective check of your health status.

With this, the detective will monitor him in all his activities and will be responsible.

Usually, these tests are usually in the form of photos or videos

When the detective has finished gathering all the necessary information.

He will give it to the person who has hired his services in a company, along with a report on the progress of the investigation.

Once the company has this information, it has a variety of actions to take against the fraudulent termination of an employee. which may include permanent termination or prosecution of the employee.

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