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Educational VR Games You Can Play To Learn

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Madison Walters
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Educational VR Games You Can Play To Learn

Virtual reality technology is going places, and the industries are accepting it. Despite being an entertainment platform initially, VR technology has penetrated almost every sector and is doing wonders. The education sector has a higher acceptance ratio for this tech, and we can witness new things in the coming days. If you want to purchase a VR headset for your kid, you indeed have millions of questions in your mind. You might be thinking about whether it can be used for educational purposes, and you are thinking right. This post will uncover educational VR games you can play to learn something new. Keep walking with us to know more!

Best Educational VR Games:

Virtual reality can throw you some incredible games to learn and enjoy simultaneously. The technology is equally amusing for kids and adults alike, and we have collected a few educational games that can work for every age group. VR can be a valuable addition to your academic routine if you try the following games. Let us go through the following list for a better idea.

1. Social Studies:

Kids and even adults like to explore the world by watching or visiting new places. However, some of these destinations fall out of our reach sometimes, and that is where VR technology can help us. Since social studies are all about learning cultures, geographical phenomenons, and exploring the world, VR has some unique games for you.

i) Google Earth VR:

Do you want to walk around your favorite places virtually? Google Earth VR is probably your go-to option! The application can immerse you into a virtual world, and you will feel sank in your desired place. With the VR headset on, you can walk around the site and explore whatever you want.

Not only can you explore and learn new things about your favorite place, but you also enjoy it. Do you want to experience this fantastic app and walk around your desired place? Consider booking your VR park Dubai tickets today and pay a visit with your kids!

ii) Anne Frank VR:

Do you love to learn about historical incidents and keep them retained? You should try Anne Frank! The game will walk you through a 13 old-year-old Jewish girl named Anne Frank. She was forced to hide with her family to escape the wrath of the Nazis. All this happened during world war II, and you can learn her story in this game.

Kids are often curious about history and ask too many questions about this subject. Why not let them explore and study the history using a VR headset?

iii) National Geographic VR:

You might have watched the geographic channels and news which excites you about the world and cultures. National geographic VR application can help you virtually visit and explore untapped areas like Antarctica and Machu Pichu.

2. Science:

The most incredible aspects of our universe are hidden in the science subject, and you must explore to know the unknown. Space is the most curious place everyone wants to know about, and luckily, VR has something for you!

i) ISS:

The internet is full of information about International Space Station (ISS), but what if you hop on VR to explore it? Walking around the space and being a part of it will excite you about the ISS, and you will never forget what you learned during the crusade.

ii) Star chart:

Have you ever heard about the pipe cleaner constellations project? The Star chart can allow you to be part of this project using VR experiences.

iii) MEL Science VR:

The MEL science VR can take your chemistry lab experience to the next level, and you will get hands-on experience on all chemical materials. Moreover, you can also get various materials sent to your door each month as part of the MEL science subscription box.


If you want to develop creative abilities in your child, you must allow him to try VR art activities and games. You can do art in a virtual environment, and yes, it is spectacular! Here are a few art games you can try!

i) Color Space:

Your kid can try coloring various objects the same as you color things using sheets. However, it would all be in a virtual environment. If your kid is too excited to try this game out, you should book your VR park tickets today and take him there!

ii) Sculpture VR:

If you are interested in building geometric shapes and designs, this game is perfect for you. It can be calming after your hectic week, and you must try it out!

Explore the virtual world at VR parks!

VR parks are incredible for exploring virtual experiences and games, and kids can play educational games and activities to sharpen their brains and develop valuable skills. Consider booking your tickets today and pay a visit the next weekend with your children!

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